Mr. Lutchinsci got sick and called for an Ambulance. The doctor there was a pretty fair-haired girl that arrived on a call. He found out it was a neighbor girl. He hadn't seen her for a long time. When she had got married, she moved to another district, gave birth to a child, had divorced, but stayed in the apartment of her ex-husband.

She also recognized her former neighbor.

- Do you remember, Andrew, I confessed in love to you once. 

- I do. You were in seventh grade that time. But then I'd have been jailed. Now it won't do. 

He touched her bare knees. She shuddered. His palm squeezed between the legs and rubbed over the smooth and warm thighs. His cock got up in a moment.

- Oh, what are you doing? 

She squeezed his hand, not letting it slide on. The border is closed. But he sat up and hugged the girl tight to his chest, and with strong jerk he pulled the girl on him. Holding Olga with his left hand, his right one pulled up her robe and the skirt. His fingers deftly penetrated through the border of yellow panties and eagerly slid into the soft flesh.

- Andrew, please, don't!

But his fingers were relentlessly diving in her wet pussy. His lips violently dug into her plumpy juicy lips. She kissed him back. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. She got turned on. She deftly freed from the panties and the robe. She wanted to take the skirt off, but he stopped her.

- Don't take it off, I like it when a naked ass or pussy is seen from under a dress or a skirt.

He forced her to turn over to his feet. Her matte rounded ass appeared before his face. Red slit with drops of secretions was facing him invitingly. She pulled off his briefs. The wet and tight ring of lips closed over his cockhead. The penis was sinking into the sweet tunnel. She was skillfully working with her mouth. With one hand she was moving his foreskin up and down tickling his testicles. 

"Good experience in oral sex", he thought.

He, in turn, began to caress her vagina with his tongue, paying more attention to her clit and sometimes sticking the tip of his tongue into her vagina. When the tongue got tired, his fingers were helping. She cried out and came irrigating him with love juices. After a bit of rest, she slid forward and shoved his phallus easily in her. Her buttocks were moving to and fro, up and down. He was admiring the view. His cock was half-emerging from her gorgeous crack and then disappeared in there. She silently came again. She breathed a sigh of relief. Pressing her chest to his legs, without removing his cock from her slit, she turned facing her ex teacher. She unbuttoned her blouse. Two juicy breasts with large cherry nipples jumped towards love. The nipples were as hard as stone.

- Grab the chest. 

He was furiously kneading her elastic white hemispheres. Young doctor was jumping on him. Half-closed eyes, half-open mouth. Tickling sensation in the cock head. He grabbed her buttocks and quickened the pace. The lightning of lust pierced his brain through. A powerful jet of sperm hit the uterus…

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