Easy sex

First, I need to introduce myself. My name is Mike, now I'm 22, but "IT" had happened when I was 18. At that time I was passing session exams at the University, but I didn't think about marks for some reason... And I was thinking as all the other guys just about sex. I was going to dancing clubs trying to get a girl, but I in fact it didn't happen. Girls wouldn't come to my bed. 

And so at another party I hadn't met a girl. All my friends were at that party either drunk, or they were lucky to have found a girl. Quite sad I sat down at a table in the bar and got down to drinking beer. 

After a short time a guy about 19 sat down at my table. At first I was surprised, but I did not care any longer... I wanted to have sex. While talking I learned his name was Alex. Saying that I had to go, I got up, walked out of the club and lit a cigarette. 

The buses were very rare at that time and I walked on to the subway. Somewhere in the middle of the path I was caught up by a car with tinted windows. The right front door opened and I saw Alex behind the wheel, he offered a ride. I got in the car. 

He looked at me and put his hand on my leg touching my dick gently. I liked it and I didn't resist. Seeing that I enjoyed it, he grew bolder and unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock. He waited until it got up he leaned over and took it in his mouth. My dick was driving in his mouth and sticking in his throat. Alex's tongue paused on the cock head, I broke down and came in his mouth. 

He sat up and licked his lips. He said now it's my turn. Taking out his cock, he started the car and drove off. The cock was up between the wheel and the belly. I was as if in a daze... He was driving, and I was sucking. His cock was bigger than mine and barely fitted in my mouth. I was sucking his cock head, when suddenly he stopped the car and began to moan, after 5 seconds his sperm with great speed splashed out in my mouth. 

I sat down and saw that we stopped in the yard of a house. Alex said that he lived tere and the most interesting was still ahead. Buttoned the flies we got out of the car and headed into the house. 

He lived on the 5th floor in a fairly large apartment. We came into the room that resembled a living-room... Sofa, chairs and table. We sat down on the sofa, and he began undressing me. Soon he and I got completely naked. His cock was already standing as well as mine. 

Alex stood up and walked over to the locker, opened it and took out a tube. He was turned to me with his ass, and his ass he was awesome... Seeing my interest, he bent down, spread his legs and his hands spread the buttocks. My eyes were looking at his pink hole which attracted me. I stood up, approached him from behind and hugged. My cock rubbed against his ass giving me pleasure. 

He opened the tube and squeezed out some ointment on his index finger, and he started to smear his hole and the area around. Realizing that he smeared himself, I turned his cock to his ass. The cock slid in so quickly that I thought I had not been the first there. Still I was feeling nice and warm in there in his hot hole. 

I was pacing up. Alex was squirming and moving his ass towards my cock, which seemed to me getting up to his stomach. Soon I thrust my cock deep in his ass and shot the load. 

I held on for a while and pulled out my cock. Alex's hole was all red and stained with sperm. Now it was his turn to peck my virgin ass. He turned me around and lubed my hole. He sat on the sofa directing his cock into my ass and I was sitting on it. At first it was just super, just as his cock half-entered me, it was a little painful. But I overcame the pain and continued to fall down on the cock. 

Soon the cock plunged in me completely, and I was making rhythmic movements, it didn't hurt at all. Gradually the teary waves of pleasure were coming over me, and I never got such feeling with a girl. He took my cock in his hand and began jerking it off with stroking movements in time. Soon my sperm was already dripping from my stomach and over his hand onto the sofa. Alex put his hands on my hips and pulling me on his cock, he came inside of me. I got off him and sat down beside. 

I was tired and so exhausted that I could move neither a hand, nor a foot. It took about 15 minutes and he invited me into the bathroom. We washed each other, and after that he gave me a lift home. On the way we didn't say a word to each other. I got out of the car and he left. 

I have never ever seen him in that bar again... It's a pity, really...

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