The first time in the mouth

The first time I had sex with a man in 2001. Earlier I had girls only, and I liked them. The first fantasies about sex with a man appeared in high school, at that time it ended up with my fierce masturbation while watching porn and sticking to my plump ass some stuff. Then, already in the Institute on the third year I got a terrible passion to everything strange in sex. 

I wanted to try everything - group sex, sadomasochism, including sex with a man. At the same time I pictured myself consistently in a passive role, I wanted to lick cocks, take them in my mouth, suck and swallow cum. I wanted to be fucked hard in the ass, and at the same time have strong and painful punches on my plump taut buttocks.

So, my first man was Peter. He was 17 years older than me (he was about 40) , short, strongly built and successful in life. Although he had a wife and two children, he was completely indifferent to women like I was. We got acquainted via the Internet. 

On the first time we met in the subway and went to the apartment of his friend in the neighborhood. His friend was home, but he was just going to leave to the swimmimg pool. We looked at each other, and silently and slowly got undressed after he had left. 

And then it happened: my first penis to suck. The first penis is remembered for a lifetime. It's like a rite of passage followed by a completely different life and you have completely different attitude to accidentally heard word "fag" somewhere out. And here I am standing naked on my knees in front of practically a stranger and blowing him. 

His cock was not so big. I actually expected a bigger one. I imagined a powerful cannon with a force pushing right into my throat. But even that cock was a gift to me. I was licking and sucking it madly, taking the whole thing in my mouth, licking the balls. I was shoving it down to the tonsils, trying to deliver the maximum pleasure to my partner. 

Then we were lay down on the sofa. I enthusiastically continued sucking and he was slapping me on the ass. Then Peter with one hand strongly and almost tearing me apart spread my butt cheeks and started slowly increasing the pressure by sticking his two fingers into my anus without any lubrication. Intense pulsation of my virgin anus ringlet responded to these manipulations aching with sweet pain. and I was in seventh heaven. My cock stood like a pillar, my sight grew dim, I was excited to the extreme level. 

I wanted to swallow his organ together with the testicles, to lick his asshole and drink his cum. I wanted him to tear my ass, I wanted to suffer from the pain and humiliation. I wanted to feel like a whore. 

As if hearing my thoughts, Peter grabbed my cock and scrotum and squeezed them so that I felt a dull aching pain and then he started to cum. He stiffened and began shooting his load right in my mouth. There was so much of sperm, and it was not very tasty, but he was the first one who had cum in me, and I greedily devoured that oily liquid with tart taste and smell.

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