My girl behind the window

It began about 11 PM, when I wanted to have fun with my girl. She had her separate apartment. So I come to her house and knock on the door, but nobody opens. She lives on the ground floor, so I walk around the house, have a look through the window and smile, for I saw my friend sitting at the table. Well, I'm thinking I'm gonna fuck my girl and then drink beer with my friend.

I just thought to announce about my presence by knocking on te window, but then I see my friend laying his hand on her chest. What a fuck! I thought, I'd have a fuck, but now I see I'll have a fight. My mood fell down to zero.

Christina (my girl) seemed glad to go on. She got into his pants, took his tool out and shoved it into her mouth. Shocked I'm standing and watching that picture. My friend's cock is surely bigger than mine, but she swallows it all in, only the balls are seen. She always complained she couldn't get my 20cm in without gag reflex, and here she is sucking it like an ice-cream and smiling. They didn't see me, for it was late evening. So I'm standing and watching. I lit a cigarette thinking over what to do next.

Those two in the window didn't waste time. My friend put her on the kitchen table and thrust his cock in her without even taking their clothes off.

At that moment I was sorry I didn't have a camera. These kinds of photo could be sold for very good money.

Christina's eyes welled with tears, but my friend was banging her for about 20 minutes driving his cock down to the balls, then he even paced up. I heard my baby begging him to slow down. But my friend seemed to have drunk much enough not to be care of her howling.

In about 10 minutes he pulled the cock out of the bitch. Christina was about to turn around ready to catch his cum with her mouth, but he turned her in the doggy-style and drove in her ass even without any lubrication. Howling, kicking, trying to hit him with elbows, but nothing would help. My friend grabbed her with both hands, paced up and came. He slapped her on the butt, lit a cigarette and let out a joke.

Meanwhile she was lying on the table unable to get up. Sperm flowing over the legs, her face is grimacing responding him but she can't do anything. He finished the cigarette and got up. He threw her down on the floor, lifted up so his cock appeared at the level of her eyes and then he made herlick over all that shit that stuck to his cock. While leaving he heard a lot of «nice» words addressed to him.

All that time I was standing and thinking. I got cold and after the last cigarette I decided that would be a lesson for her. I turned around and went home.

In two days we parted with that whore. I just said she didn’t satisfy me in bed. I don’t know if she got the idea I knew about the event. Apparently, I didn’t care. Lots of my friends told me they had had that slut. That time I was sorry not to have launched my personal whore-house and made Christina my cheapest whore. I would unlikely have become rich, but I’m sure I’d have had much pleasure.

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