Just a dream

I don't know where Anna was at that time, and it is not important. I didn’t hear Sveta as well, probably, she is asleep. You're helping me with something in the kitchen... I am working with vegetables in the sink. You have something to cut on the table, standing with your back turned to me. Turning around I see you in a short robe and... leave my occupation, wipe my hands and come to you from behind. I’m hugging you by the waist and clinging to you. You freeze for a second and then abruptly turn around facing me. 

I'm not letting you go, first you give me a smile, yet you’re sure I'm kidding, but you come across my serious look. You are realizing that I am quite serious and first trying to back away, but you are pressed against the table, trying to push me away and begin to fight... I’m just hugging you harder and drawing you to me. Trying to kiss you. Silent before you are asking me to let you go. Hesitantly, quietly, almost whispering...

With a hand I pressed your head to me, our lips merging, you are still struggling, though I expected more serious resistance. You are kissing me back immediately, but after the kiss, you are diving as in a whirlpool. Kissing me passionately and hard. Your tongue meets mine, and you relax and stop pushing me away. Your brain still captures the events, you know it's wrong, we shouldn't, but I'm relentless like a medieval inquisitor.

My hands are sliding down over your back to your ass. Squeezing you gently and kissing. We are kissing passionately as my hands are running over your hips to the hem of her robe.. and then move up riding it up. Again you are resisting, but I keep going... My hand is touching your panties and caress HER through the fabric... No, of course, you're not horny yet, but my hand is doing the job and your panties are getting wet. 

And here you moan and it’s my victory. Swiveled your ass, you are sitting on the edge of the table and embracing me with your legs. It’s uncomfortable, so you are getting up again, still trying to close your legs.

I’m caressing you with a hand and kissing you on the lips, then on the neck. It lasts not so long, but here you are shaking and... you are cumming. Neither I, nor you have noticed when during this rush you’re laying a hand on my dick, but now you are squeezing it hard through the pants. Again you are sitting on the edge of the table and pulling me closer. 

No time or desire to pull off the panties, a narrow strip of the panties is pushed to the side, you are pulling my pants down, clasping and drawing HIM to you. Reading in my eyes a mute question and answering me... yes, right in there.

It couldn’t last long, I make some quick movements... When I take it out, you are shyly hiding your eyes, there are tears in my eyes. I smoothed your panties and hugged you, cuddling up. Kissing you on the lips, the cheeks and the eyes. Salty taste. Don't cry, don't be ashamed. I’ve been long dreamed about it... We shouldn't... 

...I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. F..., it’s just a dream. I feel relief and bitterness at the same time. I didn’t fall asleep again that night...

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