Pleasant surprise

That day Kate invited me to her place. After she taught me the art of love, I got used to the fact that we often make love and therefore I wasn’t surprised by that offer. However, upon entering her apartment, I saw a new luxurious fur coat of arctic fox that made me suspicious: Kate knew my weakness for fur, and she would have certainly boasted with it.

I came in the room and realized I was right in my doubts: there was another woman sitting on the sofa, she was a little younger than Kate, golden-haired, wearing a silk evening dress of green and fox necklet.

- Let me introduce you to each other. Lida, Anton, - said Kate.

We drank red wine, which warmed us a little and loosened our tongues.

- I told Lida, how you got fond of my sheepskin coat and how I taught you to make love. And I'll tell you what I'm up to. I want you to show what you’ve learned!

- Let’s dance? - offered Lida and I agreed.

- Well, I'm leaving, - suddenly said Kate.

We went to the "room of love" as we used to call it with my "teacher".

On the floor there was the fell of a polar bear, thick curtains of brocade on the windows and fur blanket with silk cushions on the bed.

I turned the music on, Lida and I began dancing. We hugged, and stroking her wasp waist and the shoulders through the necklet, inhaling the magical scent of her body, I got very horny. It seems, Lida was excited as well. I leaned over to her lovely ear, whispering to her the most tender words that could escape from my lips, and Lida melted. Pulling me onto the bed she seemed to have melted with excitement like a candle. 

We were kissing and our tongues entwined in the knot of love making unthinkable pirouettes. I stripped Lida and went on kissing her beautiful body. I began with her firm and young chest, sucking the nipples. Lida was already moaning softly in ecstasy, wriggling after my tongue. I was going down lower until I reached her pussy, which was of indescribable taste! I was carefully and thoroughly licking over her secretions, her clit was “ready” and she moaned: "Oh, come on... Drive in me, please!"

Very slow in anticipation of pleasure I plunged in her burning pussy. Lida was wriggling and not even moaning but crying with the approaching orgasm. I made a few decisive movements and she came. Of course, we came together. 

After 10 minutes of recovering Lida appreciated the lessons of Kate and said, "I want to do something nice for you too". With those words she wildly licked her lips over and bent over above my cock.

And there Kate came in.

She had a talk about something to golden-haired Lida and offered me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. In anticipation of two mouths caressing my trunk, I obeyed.

But then… they chained my hands to the bed!

I tried to resist, but failed. They tied my legs having moved them apart a little.

Kate kissed my cock and sat astride. Lida knelt down so that her pussy appeared right above my mouth.

Kate began carefully moving, using the fact that I was emptied with the first orgasm. Lida got down onto my mouth and began to move as well ordering me to thrust out my tongue. Lida was cumming long enough, and Kate didn't let me cum until now. It was real torture! When sophisticated mistress is sliding over your cock gently and very slowly at the same time embracing your cock very tight with her lips, anyone would go high. We came together.

After that, I witnessed a short lesbian act of love. Kate took out some toys and they showed me a nice erotic show. They loved each other with dildos and tongues. But, most importantly, with a special bilateral dildo, which allowed them to play "man and woman".

Eventually they released me, and then Kate said, "Lida liked you, but she's not my only girlfriend, as you can guess. Are you going to come to us oftener, honey?"

Of course, I couldn't refuse.

So I’ve become a live demonstration of Kate's skills in the "education of youth". I like it!

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