Summer shower

I dropped in to see her tonight.

She wore her tight blue jeans and a t-shirt. Her eyes ignited the desire. All day it was extremely hot, in the apartment it wasn't better... She rushed into my arms. I could feel her breath and her delicate fragile body in my arms. She was sexy as always, subtle scent of her perfume made me excited. She couldn't but notice that. 

The excitement was mutual. Through our clothes I felt her small firm breasts, her hardening nipples... Yes... today she was meeting me without a bra.

What do I want?.. Who?... You!.. My hand was already stroking her neat ass. Her breathing was becoming more frequent. She wanted me either. I removed her t-shirt, she pulled off mine. And these soft breasts… I was sensing them with all my body. They are warm and always nice to touch. I clung to her nipples with my lips. A moan escaped from her breast... And I was still caressing her nipples with the tongue... She was longing for... I got also extremely excited.

Then her jeans, my jeans, her panties, my briefs, all that flew away. I carried her to the bathroom. And here we are caressing each other in the warm summer streams of water. I lifted up her light body, she threw her legs around me... and slowly I was plunging into her her tunnel of love. That slinky depth was absorbing me. 

She was doing upward movements with her ass... Yes, it was even better... the rhythm was getting faster... she was not just moaning... she was almost crying... every movement was accompanied with a groan, and I was getting deeper and oftener... her moaning became solid and she convulsed... One - zero. 

She couldn't hold me. She just wasn't strong enough then, so I pressed her to the wall. Everything started from the beginning for her. I slowed down and paced up again... and again quiet moans were getting louder and oftener... she was again almost on the verge, she was gasping and then cumming again. Two - zero...

I was on the verge either... I had no strength to hold her, I wanted to cum, cum and cum...

I gently put her into the tub. She decided to turn her ass to me... I couldn't resist such a temptation... I drove in her from behind. And again her hot and wet hole, bubbling water... and we both were feeling good. I again set the pace... it was crazy... I just couldn't move slower... she was moving upwards with her ass. 

She is so sexy, when the trickles of water were dripping over her. Her smooth and seductive body became more pleasant, it was shining under the rays of light... She got wild and her breath and moans again became louder... I drove deeper... And here we are both, we are together, we are at the peak of bliss... the orgasm caught us together... Three - one!

And then... enjoying together in the warm water... talking about something and nothing... embracing each other and then carrying her to the warm bed and sleeping with her... in the arms of each other.

Dedicated to F.M.

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