You are coming into the bathroom. The tub is filled with hot water, jets of steam are rising lazily to the ceiling and taking bizarre shapes on their way. You are taking off your t-shirt, the jeans, undoing the bra, gently rubbing your chest and gently massaging the nipples, making them more sensitive, and slowly taking off the panties. 

You are looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking how beautiful you are, running your fingers over the body, touching the ass, the tummyand the legs. Slowly getting into the tub. You are immediately having a strange feeling of languor, and getting relaxed that way for about 10-15 minutes thinking about nothing.

Then you imagine how nice it would be if it were summer, the heat outside. You’d be lying on the beach and sunbathing, and at this time someone massaging your back. And when you imagine a young Apollo caressing you, and your tummy under the influence of the fantasy and hot water begins to demand more, you are taking the gel and rubbing your clit up and down, up and down, and with the second finger you are caressing your sphincter imagining someone’s tongue is playing there, and the fingers are rubbing, caressing, fluttering over there and playing solo on your clit. 

Yes, that's it, press on and get dripping wet, let the second finger in and just enjoy...

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