For hitch-hiking lovers

It happened in October. It was already cold. I was returning from work to the suburbs. There was no bus, I felt as cold as ice. I'm 25 years old. Young and handsome I am standing over there and waiting. A red Toyota is passing by, but suddenly the car slows down and goes back. The driver is about 40:

- Get in, I'll give you a lift, - he said.

I said I have no money.

- No problem, - he said.

The road would take about twenty minutes, it’s warm in the car, the music is on, we are silent. Suddenly he puts his hand on my knee, I flinched and looked at him. He stopped and looked right into my eyes:

- Will you suck?

I don't know how he guessed or felt that I sometimes dreamed about having sex with a guy. But what happened for me was something… I didn’t answer his question, then he took me by the neck and bent me down his crotch. I felt his hard cock with my face. 

- Undo, - he ordered. 

I carefully undid the zipper and his cock together with shorts thrust to my face. I began biting it a little through the shorts feeling its hardness, but the man immediately released it and it pecked right onto my lips, I had to just open my mouth.

It seemed to me it was just huge. I felt its smell but I wasn't grossed out. I opened my mouth and at that moment a hand that was laid on my head pushed me forward and his cock appeared in my mouth. I began to suck his cockhead but the hand on the nape was intensifying the rhythm and his cock deeper and more rhythmically was penetrating into my throat and when I was choking he let me go a little, but he did not stop movements. 

After a while I got tired and tried to escape, but the hand painfully squeezed my neck and I had to continue. At this point he began pushing my head stronger and more rhythmically, his huge cock swelled up and became as hard as wood and I felt a nasty warm sticky liquid gushing into my mouth. I jerked trying to free myself but his hands didn't let me do that, at that moment he growled through his teath:

- Swallow, bitch! - and pressed my head harder. 

I swallowed his cum and was choking with his cock. Tears were flowing from my eyes either from resentment, or from chokingr. Finally I felt his hands eased and I was able to raise my head. He looked at me and smiled.

- Sorry if that was rude, but I have pleasure only if the partner swallows my cum. No offense, you did everything good. 

He put his hand on my crotch and groped me, of course, I had it up. He unbuttoned my pants, took my hand and forced me to jerk off. Long waiting was not necessary, I did such a strong shot of sperm that was trickling down on the floor leaving my pants wet. 

- You are good, - he answered…., - I'm Sorry, but I only fuck guys and love to watch how they do it themselves. 

He tucked his limp cock back, smiled and said:

- Well… Let’s go...

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