How it all got started

I was 20 when I met Lena.

I was sitting at the bar Pyatnitskaya and sipping my fourth Margarita, trying to recall when I had had sex last time. I was remembering not the most pleasant. Husband, bed, marital duties. I really mean duties, not sex. But alcohol gradually made my mood better. With each sip the people around were becoming more and more friendly, life problems less significant, and the world around simple and funny.

- Another "Margarita" from the girl at that table, - my thoughts were broken by the waiter.

I looked in the direction he pointed, and got the idea that I've had enough of alcohol for that night. At a corner table there sat a girl very similar to me, only the color of her hair was red, not black like mine. With a gesture I invited her to my table. Slowly shaking her hips she walked over to me.

- Lena, - she introduced herself.

- Dana, - I said, and then added, - It’s just incredible!

- Yes, strange and unusual, her palm covered my hand, the manicured fingers slid on the wrist, the forearm, then picked up a black curl from my shoulder, - You are beautiful as I am, but…

I was getting excited. She was just picking me up, as the whores in bars with prospective clients do, but there the whore was a neat luxurious girl Helen, and I was a client.

- What "but"? - the alcohol was buzzing in my head, her fingers stroking my cheek and making me excited.

- "But"? It's m-m-m… how to say... you will know, - She abruptly stopped herself, - Bill, please, - defiantly shouted Lena to the waiter.

Her hand gently but firmly cupped my breasts, her tongue parted my lips. Wild excitement burned my stomach at the bottoma, I was flowing like Niagara falls. Her fingers slid under my dress, groped hard my clit and gently tickled it. She started to pull off my panties, then brought them to her mouth and licked my secretions from them.

- Let’s get naughty?

- Mmmm, - I tried to answer.

Silly giggling, she hung my panties on the headrest of the front seat. In the rearview mirror flashed the crazed eyes of the taxi driver.

- A little more and he would cum up before he brings us home.

- The main thing is you could cum.

With the other hand Lena fished out my breasts out of the bra and her fingers squeezed a nipple. Her hot breath burned my neck. "Oh God, I’m making out with a girl in the back seat of a taxi. Shock. But I like it", - this idea struck me and turned me on even better. I wrapped her neck with my arm, slid over her hair and aggressively pulled her head to me. She clung at my lips. She wound up not less than me. Intermittent wheezing, impatient movements...

Her fingers spread my lips and slid into my wet slit. I was feeling dizzy. Push, another push. Her thumb is rubbing over my clit, the other fingers inside of me. She tries to clench her palm into a fist. The clit is pulsing in orgasm, she squeezes her fingers once again, her teeth are digging into my chest. Another push, and I’m pouring my orgasm over her hand.

- Good girl, good girl, - she is whispering in my ear.

Another five minutes and we arrived to her house.

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