The girls of autumn

Autumn... it's cold again in the evenings.

Girls, wrapped in padding, are in a hurry knocking with their heels to and fro.


Not gonna stop, just moving a little slower - icy wind gets under the jacket and spreading his cold tentacles over the flesh.


Then, in the summer time, I remember the other girls. Sunny girls with sultry bliss of July. My lovely strangers. Slow-talking, nice laugh, light dress. Curious naughty wind is waving the girls’ skirts.

I admire my strangers. The magic of women's mystery envelops each of them, and I understand that I need them. Without them the world would be gray and chilly. Just like this autumn.

Summer is the time of dreams. Imagination is like a stream in the flood, overflows its banks of reason and it pours with passion through the veins. I know what will happen to me this summer and I’m ready for that. It always happens and it's because I'm a human. Love wakes up in the spring and, gaining the strength, spreads over the world with unbridled passion. Magnetized with attraction of love my wonderful strangers are making amazing pattern of the flesh, and I admire them, and I become a part of this pattern. And now, the whole world is sparkling with mosaics of love.

I love my strangers. Piercing sun is my ally. I look after my dream and admire the contour of her chiseled body. Sunbeam is helpfully gliding over my eyes and my thoughts are penetrating under the fabric of her light dress. I envelop her with warmth and clinging to her heart with all my passion. I am creating the magic of mind, I’m creating my illusory world and living in this brief moment. My invisible assistants, having tasted the fruit of my imagination, are dissipating in the hazy space. They will meet again when I give up to the magic of ethereal love. And now I'm alone. Alone.

Girls, wrapped in padding, are in a hurry knocking with their heels to and fro.


I’m walking down the street and watching my stranger.

High heels, tight skirt, synthetics protecting from the cold wind and the wool with cotton tight to bodies, saving my fantasy from the autumn.

I remember the summer. It seems that I'm alone and abandoned again, but this is just another illusion.

My imagination lives in the place of eternal summer. Because I am a human, and I create my own worlds in the eternity. I'm a little tired, the summer filled me with new strength, but made me heavy with her passion. Now I'm preparing for the cold breathing of winter. I need time to make my fantasies a part of me or disappeared into oblivion. And now it’s autumn yet.

Autumn. Outside the window the fallen leaves are rustling driven by a lazy wind. He knows he has nowhere to hurry. Autumn will be gone as usual, and it will give the way to oblivion time. The nature dies, the world goes to sleep, and the whole life is immersing into a sleep. Only I remain alone with the long nights of cold. Because I am a human, and I’ve come here as an eternal witness of this world. Eternity is not so long!

Autumn is outside the window, and I remember my beloved strangers of that sultry summer.

My memory keeps their cute features and I believe my memory, because I am a human, and I created this world. The world of ghostly illusions that have turned out into my world.

...Again it’s autumn outside...

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