"...To take or not to take", I thought, “I’ll do the task honestly!!! I took the shower in the morning and put on the bra. Going without it would be funny: my big breasts were up and playfully protruding upwards... green long summer dress with large slits in the front and the sides, but when I walk it almost completely reveals my legs.. The idea of my going that way excited me much and I felt a familiar pulsation in the stomach bottom.

It’s hot outside... the sun is shining brightly.. just the wind saves.. this teaser is getting under the dress trying to show my legs to other people.. and curly pubic hair waved as if someone's hands were fondling them.. it all made me turned on so much that I wanted to run my fingers in there... I felt wet with excitement.. I couldn't wait to get to work… in the bus I was sitting in the furthest corner and pressing my legs together. Hands are "itching" for action. In front of me a young guy is sitting. I’m throwing a glance at his trousers in the fly area. I dream - "I wish now to cool down my sweaty flesh, plunging his cock in: it does not matter what size he has.. a little or a big one"...

I turn away. I am calm. I am calm. Somehow I keep control, getting off the bus... It’s good I work at the outskirts of the city.. the bulk of the workaholics had already passed by... leaned against a tree I begin to caress my clit, the body is overwhelmed with languor, I feel it pulsing and responding to my touches. and finally the feeling of bliss is spreading all over the body. Such a weakness in the legs!!! It’s good the tree gives support... looking around, I went on.. I need to hurry, the working day is beginning soon.. but after five minutes I realized that was not all: I want it again... I was again excited.. Why? Because I'm not wearing panties? Nonsense!!! But it has the effect on me.

... In the office there are two of us. In front of me my boss is sitting, she is asking:

- What's the matter with you? The eyes are shining and that blush on the cheeks, why!!!

- It’s just hot, - I replied.

My monitor is not visible to her, so I pulled out the disc with "Japanese anime", muted the sound and began watching. This cartoon was unfamiliar to me. I like watching the coercion stories, when saying "No.. No. I don't want" every minute of watching. I felt a new rush of excitement. It seemed to me that my bosom was torn apart. the head was foggy.. The cut on the dress from front was giving easy access to my screaming mad flesh. In the air I could already feel the smell of excited women.. I hope I am the only one to feel that... the fingers are wet with my juice, easily sliding over, every moment bringing me to another orgasm: YES - done!!!! I closed my eyes.

- What's wrong Lena?

- Just got dizzy...

Again easier… but everything there is squishing... the orgasm juices were running down my inner side of the thighs.. A bit staggering I left the office, went to the teahouse and drank a glass of water... Oh God! What's happening to me? But it's so COOL!!!! "I want again" - this thought was drilling my brain with the new power… I need to take my mind off this to work...

It’s good today there are not so many visitors... visitors-men. How could I look at them!!! And it’s coming all over again: sweat on the forehead and a burning desire... again the hand is there, I used to reach orgasm fast, but I’m lack of something... orgasms don’t bring me relief... I need a man!!!

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