Sveta's birthday

I can tell you how I my girlfriend Sveta and I celebrated her birthday.

I invited Sveta and three guys to my place, but I didn’t Say a word about the guys. The guys and me overthought the script of the holiday.

When my girlfriend came home, the guys stripped naked and got hidden in the next room. I walked Sveta to another bedroom, began to caress her and undress. When she was already naked I put a black blindfold on her eyes, so she couldn’t see anything. I spread her legs wider…

When I ran my tongue over her pussy, she trembled (she smells and tastes so pleasant). I was licking her over so gently and rough at the same time, that she began crying with pleasure, pressing my head hard. There the guys came into the room.

Can you guess what came next?

She didn’t even suspect all those three cocks were gonna fuck her. I turned on the music, took the camera and began shooting. She was on the bed all hot and waiting for my actions. Roman, one of the guys, lay on the bed and put her on above.

Sveta thought it was me, so she sat on the cock and began jumping gradually pacing up due to growing pleasure. Max put on a condom, took the cream rubbing over his trunk, and then began smearing it over her asshole. Sveta felt what he was going to do, turned around and said:

- What are you doing? – and tried to get off the cock.

But Roman stopped moving, hugged her tight and said:

- Come on!

She was lying pulled on Roman’s cock, her legs bent in the knees and she herself pressed to him. She could move only her ass and that was the most exciting. Sveta began fidgeting and crying, Max stood on the sofa, turned his cock to the target and began pressing on. She was moaning quietly, but he didn’t care of that, he just pressed harder and squeezed the cockhead in.

He waited a bit and moved on, Sveta wasn’t already resisting and Roman loosened his grip. Max plunged his cock completely in, the cock slid in with the help of cream. Max got settled more comfortably, grabbed her by the tits and went on fucking her ass pacing up gradually. Roman was moving from beneath trying to move in time and he was good at that.

While they were fucking Sveta shoving the cocks deeper, Max was kneading her tits, fingering and twisting the nipples, and Roman was spreading her ass cheeks. Sveta was moaning and gasping, when being pierced by two of them. Then Sergey joined them. He came up to her, moved her hair up and poked his cock in her lips. She took it in the mouth and began to suck. He even rolled his eyes with pleasure uttering indistinct sounds.

She liked that for sure, because she tried to get sttled with more comfort and tried to move in time with them. Sergey grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. She was like a doll everyone had played in the kindergarden. She was being fucked long, they were changing positions and I was shooting everything with my camera. Max splashed the sperm into her ass, Roman and Sergey came right into her mouth.

When everybody had cum, tired Sveta was lying on the bed, her cunt and ass were rubbed red. The guys left as quietly as they appeared, and I had hidden the camera. She even doesn’t know I shot everything. I’m still thinking whether to show that video to her or not. When she took her breath, she said it was the best birthday gift in her life.

Soon I’m having the birthday. What is she going to present to me I wonder?

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