How I tried with a man for the first time

The first experience of sex with another man I had by a chance!

It happened spontaneously. My friend Vlad called me to come saying there are two cool chicks wishing to fuck. At first I didn't want to go, but my friend called three more times. I succumbed to the entreaties and took off. On the way we stopped at the store to buy some vodka, champagne, snacks and certainly condoms. 

Having arrived at the apartment of my friend, I truly saw two girls horny for sex. But not everything turned out to be true; one girl Kate was really cool, a nice brunette with long flowing hair, thin with long slender legs and beautiful tits. Oh, I forgot to say, the whole company was drunk and almost naked. The second girl Lena was a pretty one but a bit fat, not to my taste. In short, I had a crush on Kate!

Vlad introduced me to the girls and offered to get undressed till naked, but at first I refused, saying I was still sober and I hesitated. Then the whole company began to pump me on with alcohol. I got three glasses and then I became more cheerful.

I took another drink, I was hot, and the whole company began to undress me. Kate started to unbutton the shirt, simultaneously kissing me on the lips. Lena and Vlad were removing my pants. When I stripped naked, Kate stood behind and hugged me stroking the breast and the stomach making my cock up at once. Lena knelt down and began licking my cock and the balls. 

Vlad leaned over me and touched his erect penis to my hand, I was as shocked, but it wasn’t disgusting, on the contrary, I even felt a wave of excitement! I broke away from the embrace and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Vlad came into the bathroom and asked which girl I’d like to have sex with, I said I’d like to have Kate. Vlad looked at me cunningly and offered a threesome, I immediately agreed. After I came out of the bathroom, Vlad and Lena stayed in the kitchen, Kate went to the other room to have a rest. After another glass I followed Kate.

Entering the room I saw Kate lying on the bed with her legs spread slightly, her pussy was neatly shaved. Her one hand was stroking the chest, the other one luring me. I immediately fell between her legs and began licking her pussy. She was groaning making me more and more exciting. At this moment Vlad came in looking at us. 

Katya drew Vlad closer to us and began to suck his cock. I got curious and I crawled up, kissing her stomach and then the breast. My cock easily plunged in Kate’s wet pussy. My eyes were watching a beautiful picture; a nice, clean shaven and taut cock was going in and out of Kate's beautiful mouth. 

I felt my cock stiffened with excitement and was going to throw out a portion of sperm. In order not to cum too early, I offered to change the position. Katya posed the doggy-style, I got a place from behind and drove my cock into her dripping pussy. Vlad lay down on his back under Katya so that his cock0 appeared in Kate’s mouth and the head between her legs. When I began slowly fucking Kate I felt Vlad running his tongue over my cock and the testicles. I was shaking with excitement.

After a few frictions I broke down, pulled the penis out of Kate’s vagina and put it into Vlad’s mouth!!! Vlad didn’t resist and began sucking my dick greedily, I was thrilled! In a minute I couldn’t hold it back, I threw Kate off Vlad and posing 69 I took Vlad’s penis in my mouth. Without hesitation Kate began licking Vlad's cock along with me. Then she was licking Vlad’s asshole. All of that turned me better on and on. 

Then Kate separated us, put me on the back and sat with her pussy on my dick. Vlad was licking her anus and my balls. Then he shoved his cock in her ass, and I felt Vlad’s cock next to mine.

A minute later I moaned aloud and Vlad realized that I was going to cum. He then pulled my cock out of Kate and took it in his mouth. I immediately erupted with a fountain of sperm. All sperm was too much for Vlad’s mouth and it was flowing down over his lips. Kate had jumped up to Vlad and helped him to lick the rest of my sperm. I took Vlad's cock in my hand and began jerking off, a second later Vlad was shaking and cumming, but he had not much semen because he had already had sex with Kate more then once!! 

Later I learnt that Vlad and Kate had agreed to seduce me, but I wasn’t offended!!!!

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