Rough sex

I drove my cock between her legs so that she cried out with pain.

I was angry at her for she made public our relationship among co-workers. I was her immediate supervisor. She (her name was Galina) was my right hand and.. my mistress. (Yes, I was married and loved my wife.)

I came to Galina’s home. Without saying anything to her and without even saying hello, I immediately threw her to the bedroom. I tore off Galya’s short bathrobe and pushed her onto the bed. I quickly threw off my suit and immediately pounced on her. I spread her legs and without any preparation hammered my cock between her legs. She cried out in pain:

- What are you doing?! What's wrong with you? - she screamed. – Don’t!

Galya tried to break free from my grip. I began making sharp thrusts, hitting the bottom of her vagina with the head of my cock. She was beating my chest, the face, and the back with her fists; but I silently hammered my cock until it stops. She loudly groaned and winced with pain, sometimes crying out. Tears were streaming from her eyes.

Then I reached the moment of ejaculation and fell on her. Sperm thrusts erupted into her. But I felt no satisfaction. She also got nothing but pain and unpleasant sensations.

I got off her. Galina turned away crying bitterly.

Pity woke up in me, and I put my hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her; but she dropped my hand and continued sobbing and crying.

I went to the kitchen to smoke and calm down.

After a cigarette I was back. Galya almost calmed down. She was sitting on the bed, tucked her knees to his chin, looking at me askance:

- What's wrong with you today?! After all, you've been always so gentle and affectionate to me!

- And you? What have you done? - I asked. - If my wife finds it out, it will be my disaster!

- I am tired to live that way. I also want a family, children; but unfortunately I’m in love with you!

- I’m firing you from the work, - I said. - I will provide you a comfortable living, but with one condition that you're not going to interfere my family life.

- So be it, I agree, - she said with irony. - But you have to understand me either.

I calmed down. My anger towards her faded away. Again I felt attraction and affection to her. I gently put my arms around her from behind, lifted her breasts with my palms. My hard dick was between her thighs. I carefully laid Galya on the bed and began caressing her body. She replied with mutual caresses. I gently parted her legs and drove my cock in. We were quickly moving together getting closer to another orgasm.

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