One day after quarreling with my girlfriend and after her departure to the parents I decided to get drunk in the nearest restaurant. The night promised nothing but boring drinking alone. But, as probably every night, it was gradually transforming with each raised glass of cognac. And then It was off and rolling. I decided it was time to have fun. 

I called the bartender and found out who of the girls here wasn’t going to date to anyone, so to say touch-me-not. So, I identified the victim and began preparation. First I sent a guy for the flowers. Then I asked  the DJ to give beautiful toasts and music. And, of course, I discussed the scenario with the bartender.

And there the situation ends up with the following: the procession of waiters is coming, the first of them with a huge bouquet of roses, the second one with champagne and so on. This entire procession is closing to the table and everything began. The flowers are presented and the offer to drink follows. At that moment DJ began his triumph. Toasts sounded until she had drunk all the champagne and the audience helped with applause to the DJ as the dance show could not continue until she finished the bottle. And guess what: that touch-me-not is mine five minutes after she learned who had made all that.

And so, we went to my place.

Yeah I can tell you that abstinence is useful not only to men but also to women in particular. I haven’t had such a passionate mistress for a long time. We did lots of things together. But here's one I especially liked. Although I do not consider myself a persistent man. I'd rather wait three days than persuading half an hour. So when we met the next day at her place, I didn’t even give any importance to her appearance. Fishnet tights with a short dress with an apron. Well, everything was super except one thing. When I began caressing her, I again stumbled on the touch-me-not girl. And that's in such a clothing.

And there that touch-me-not girl leads me to a thought that, perhaps, it’s interesting is when a girl is being raped. And guess what she said to me? That a man can't fuck a girl if she doesn't want to. Well, I see she’s turning me on doing all her best. I caught up with her in the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Yeah, you can say that it is really making you turned on. Most glorious of all was breaking into the flesh of the touchy girl under those conditions. First I didn’t even understand why she screams, I thought she was accompanying the situation. And just when I sated the body of the touch-me-not I realized that in a rush I drove in her hitherto untouched ass. 

In general, my touchy girl got just stunned by all that. After 30 min of fucking her virgin ass she almost lost her consciousness and she had the orgasms that she had never felt before. So her desire to be raped had come true with a lot of new impressions. And according to her words it was unforgettable. That’s how my touch-me-not had come to love anal sex.

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