The Clit's diary

30 Jan. I hate Her artificial nails. Again scratched me. Everything hurts.

3 Feb. She was watching lesbian porn. Saw a lot of my bros. I guess they are good there... I came twice. Good. The second time was from envy.

5 Feb. She picked up a man. That drunk man with two-day long bristle was breathing long onto me with his booze breath then scratched me with cheeks and fell asleep pressed to me with his forehead. It never came the tongue’s turn. She burst into tears. I also wanted to cry, but I can't.

6 Feb. She was watching me in the bathroom mirror. Said I’m small. Bitch!

10 Feb. A neighbor from below is leaking again. She bought some new sanitary towels for her. Smell like chamomile. Suffocating.

14 Feb. Hoo! Wow! She got a gift from her friends – a dildo. Looks like I’ll have a good private life after all. Vibrating in anticipation.

15 Feb. It’s much better than her fingers with artificial nails, but definitely worse than a tongue. Although, perhaps, it is a matter of practice. Overall it is very cute, so touching and shaking. We agreed to have a talk sometime when She goes to sleep.

20 Feb. I'm really tired. Why can't I control myself? Why am I totally dependent on her insatiable libido? Tired of cumming with the wave of her hand. I want independence! Had a talk to the neighbor who promised to help with vaginal orgasm. If it goes well, I’ll take a vacation.

23 Feb. She had picked up a man again. This time much better. MUCH better!!! At first I thought the neighbor would get all bliss. But on the second round I was almost licked to death. A little dizzy yet.

25 Feb. Thinking about I'm lucky after all. Take, for example, my neighbor – they always shove something in her. I would not have survived that.

27 Feb. Visited a gynecologist. No attention to me again. Slowly beginning to hate the neighbor, why all the attention to her? I’m the one giving more pleasure!!!

28 Feb. Still mad at the neighbor, don’t speak to her and don’t let Her to cum.

1 Mar. Ah, spring time... The mood is so romantic! While She was sleeping I came just with some existential delight. She thinks it's because she was dreaming about Brad Pitt. Fool! I like Sean Penn better.

3 Mar. In the morning, while taking a shower I was shouting with the distant neighbor. He feels really awful too. His life is shit...

8 Mar. At a corporate party the boss pressed Her in the corner of the toilet, rubbed me with a finger on, but no good. Maybe I'm frigid? She still pretended She had cum, but I cannot lie and hypocrite!

9 Mar. The neighbor from below is leaking again. This is so annoying. Really, will it last for a lifetime? Started to argue with her, but she called me a jerk and I had nothing to object. Shrunk into myself.

10 Mar. Because of the flood at the neighbor's She let her chief in only to a distant neighbor. He was so indignant after all that. He does not like this. But She never asks, selfish bitch... Her chief is a real asshole, for he never pays me any attention.

13 Mar. The whole day she was crying because of the breakup with her boss. But I'm happy. In the evening we comforted ourselves by the dildo. Feel better.

25 Mar. She seems to have fallen in love. I can feel it. They are just kissing, but I have everything frozen inside. This is so pleasant.

30 Mar. It's been done!!! He is very attentive and sensitive, He did everything right, I even flushed with pleasure! Told the neighbor that with such a pace the cunnilingus will have to be renamed in clitlingus! Jealous of me. Apparently, vaginal orgasm didn't work.

17 Apr. The progress is obvious. I am not forgotten, the neighbor is happy: she says that He has managed to find a weird spot. Optimistic about the vaginal orgasm. For some reason I feel positive as well. Apparently, when She's happy, I'm automatically feeling good.

30 May. Dear diary, sorry I have not written long. In a month They have a wedding day. Don't know how it can be useful for me, but everybody's happy, the neighbor, and distant neighbor. Heard a rumor that there will be internal changes in Her. The neighbor says she will have hard times. But we all together hope for the best.

What else do we have?...

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