Paradise flower

Svetlana threw off her dress and became completely naked. I cought my breath - her beauty drove me go crazy. The exciting wild desire, big smooth thighs, wonderful ripe breasts with large beckoning nipples, a thin line of hair on the neatly shaven pubis - all this could not but cause me have a great longing and excitement.

I rushed falling on my knees before a beautiful woman, slowly kissing her stomach, the arms and the legs. I left the first tender kiss on her closed bud, gently stroking her with both hands, her slender waist and her big soft ass.

I slowly licked her one and then the second petal of her velvet lower lips, then I opened them, thrusting the tongue in the slit between them.

Svetlana, still a little shy, quietly and passionately sighed, lovingly patting me on the head.

Hot by the nudity of a beautiful woman, I spread her wide folds of the hot cave and began licking the soft warm flesh of her nature.

Very soon the need for hands disappeared - horny with sweet caress lips obediently parted, fully revealing the flower of love. Its big bud is completely open, and I’m quickly licking it, taking the clit in the lips from time to time.

The woman moaned loudly and involuntarily squeezed her legs with voluptuous enjoyment. I quickly stood up and kissed on the lips that intoxicated with the passion beauty, and took her to bed.

The lady obediently fell on the couch and spread wide her beautiful milky-white legs.

I clung down to her widely open flower and with new energy attacked it. In a sweet languor Svetlana has thrown her legs over my shoulders, with a groan lifting herself closer to my mouth, and quickly polishing her fully opened delicate pink clitoris by with the tip of my tongue I could feel the growing pleasure of the woman.

Frantically twisting and twirling with her charming thighs, she was now moaning softly, but so passionately with sobs, that I realized – no need to go in her.

It was really so. Caressed with loving mouth the flower was abundantly shedding love moisture, and my oiled with that nectar tongue was almost unable to feel the flesh as if floating in the ocean of great love of a woman.

And here, Svetlana sweetly screamed, jerked and her brought to ecstasy flower sprinkled with the hot stream of nectar pouring over my mouth and the face. Her hot cave was contracting passionately and powerfully, while the whole body of a young woman was writhing in orgasmic ecstasy.

I furiously tried to move my mouth until the beautiful lady got completely exhausted...

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