Blowjob at workplace

I work as a head of department in a large building company. I’m 30 years old, and I am a great skirt-chaser try not to miss a single skirt. I am tall, athletic and women like me. So I’ll tell you the story of how I seduced one of my employees. 

Her name is Vika, she appeared in the department about six months ago. I immediately put an eye on her. She is a brunette looking like Angelina Jolie, she has plump lips, slim figure, and many times I imagined her lips caressing my cock. So, every time she came to see me in the office, I was mentally undressing her with my eyes. I always gave her various obscene allusions, but she pretended not to notice them.

One day our department had a corporate party where we all got pretty drunk. There happened a moment when she and I stayed temporarily together alone in the office, and I brazenly walked over to her, hugged her and began kissing. I was expecting to get a slap on the face, expecting she would be breaking free, but she responded to my kisses. I saw her languidly rolled eyes, her hands were embracing me. 

But then we heard the other employees coming back from smoke break. We separated and pretended as if nothing had happened. Soon all of them were going to leave and we stayed together alone again. She was in no hurry to leave, it seemed she liked our kissing. I immediately clung to her lips kissing her passionately, my hands running over her body, fondling her tits through the clothing. The other hand went down below and caressing Vika’s clit throuth the fabric. 

I felt her turning on, she was uttering subtle moans. I pulled up her skirt and one my hand penetrated under her panties. Now I was caressing her clit directly, not through the clothing, it was swollen and I felt Vika dripping wet. I began thrusting a finger into her vagina, while she was squeezing my cock through the pants. I was getting really excited. I pulled the cock out of my pants and she touched it. 

I felt embarrassment with lust fighting in her. I was fingering her clit and she was breathing frequently and was moaning softly but loud enough. She asked me: "If you want, I’ll caress Him with my mouth?" She got my affirmative nod. She knelt down before me and swallowed my cock all in. Her nose rested against my pubis. I was so pleased! She pulled the cock out of her mouth and started caressing my balls. She was licking them alternately, licking the bridle, and she did it eagerly and with pleasure.

She again took my dick in her mouth sucking it fiercely. Vika did it with undisguised desire, she even slurped with pleasure. I was in seventh heaven. I was watch my cock getting into her mouth and that made me rather turned on. I put my hand on her head making the tempo on my own. I can say I was just fucking her in the mouth. I even forgot that my dick was in female mouth and I need to be gentler. I tried to drive my cock as deep as possible in her mouth. Sometimes she even did not have time to swallow saliva and was almost choking. 

After a few minutes of such wild blowjob I felt I was about to cum. I made a few violent pushes with the cock and began erupting in her mouth. First she tried to remove my cock from her mouth, but the cum was splashing on her clothes and she put it back in her mouth. When I had shot all of it, she gently licked my cock and looked up at me gratefully. We got up and cleaned ourselves up. 

This is how I got a new lover at work. And be sure I’ll tell you about our adventures later on.

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