One night story

People living in the network constantly find each other on certain web sites. You are not surprised seeing another familiar face at one or another site. Sometimes the profile of a person can be in your contacts for years.

And then boom! After so many years... suddenly something burst out. I don't see an old friend in the photo, but an indescribably handsome, attractive man (Yes... over time, you understand there is men's beauty as well, sometimes). So at one point I opened a page of another website I always visited automatically, out of habit and.... I saw him... I saw not exactly him... I saw a Man, the man I want here and now. The ideal.

Well, since I’m a decent girl, so I decided to hunt in a decent way by all rules without the use of heavy artillery. So... the cat’s on the warpath. On the basis of worldly truth saying that men rarely reject women offering themselves, it was decided not to offer. We are not looking for easy ways!

I will not describe how the conversation started. But once again I realized: fluids and all that stuff exist. And they are transmitted even over long distances. The only pity was that I failed to seduce him. He was ahead of me. And he was bold and straight.

The same evening I was sitting in the front seat of his red Honda. And he was next to me. A kind of sex symbol, the one I wanted to see. Communication was amazingly easy, but simply because there was no need to say anything. His eyes were saying everything independently from us. Where to go? Doesn’t matter... we're not in a hurry. The car slowed down. Stopped. Now nothing is important. Slight embarrassment, a cigarette....

In the backseat it’s warm and cozy. I do love Hondas. The warmth of the heater and some extreme of the moment already evoked a special, insanely nice, warm and painfully sweet state of mind. I wanted the heat of His hands, the tenderness of His lips, the madness of His kisses. I wanted caresses. Passionate and irresistible, tender and making me go crazy. 

The clothing disappeared as by magic. The kisses seemed so sweet and so hot. His lips... his lips were so passionate talking to my body. I accidentally touched his cock, still hidden under the thin fabric. He was so hard... it wasn’t the blood pumped in with excitement. It was steel. 

My lips broke away from his kisses and began to caress his chest and the stomach slightly pausing at the bottom line... I ran my tongue over his cock. Slowly, enjoying every millimeter. 

His scent was driving me crazy, so manly and passionate it was. Very easy I began kissing his cockhead. And then I took it in my mouth. I took it all in. He was moaning so sweet... Slowly moving my lips up and down I enjoyed every single moment. And he caressed me. I felt such desire in the bottom of my stomach that it was possible to get drowned in there.

But it was not enough. He wanted to take me all over. His strong hands were playing with me like with a Barbie doll. And when I found myself on his lap, I felt a strong... even wild desire to possess him. 

He didn't just penetrate, he plunged in me with his hot, hard as rock cock and my moans were probably heard by all who was within a radius of several hundred meters. 

My slender and taut hips were moving toward him. I lost control over everything. My ass was at his mercy. He ruled me, owned me entirely. The pace was either being accelerated, ot then slowed down. The penetrations were becoming deeper and deeper. 

And... Oh God... the sweet wave of orgasm ran through my whole body. I distinctly felt my muscles embracing his cock with soft and sweet waves exciting to madness. 

He couldn't but responding. He'd cum. The jet of warm and thick sperm erupted into my womb. It could be compared to the blossoming bud of a delicate rose. My body couldn’t but respond to that. I had another orgasm not comparable to a single one I had had before.

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