How my wife was massaged

This story is not fiction, it is 100% true. My wife and I had met 7 years ago. She was a girl from an ordinary family, not pampered and not kissed, she had had no sex until she met me and I was happy to be her first and I married her. First years we lived very happily, I was her teacher in life and sex. But 4 years later I got bored of the monotony in sex. But what did I have to do? I had different thoughts, she loved monotony in sex and I was sick of it, though I loved her madly. We decided to go South to have a rest with her. On the way there we met a guy named Dima, he worked as a masseur at the clinic and we became friends for 3 days. We were three in the compartment where we talked about everything.

The summer heat in the compartment made my wife get dressed very easily in a white short skirt that emphasized her gorgeous legs and her thin panties were quite seen through. I saw how eagerly Dima was looking at her. When we arrived, we decided to get settled in the same hotel, our rooms were door to door. The three of us went to the beach and I paid attention to Dima watching my sweetheart, and I was getting excited and wound up with that fact. I got the idea how to arrange sex between Dima and my darling. I decided to talk to Dima. The conversation was frank - I offered him to fuck my Irina. He was shocked a bit, but immediately agreed. We just had to figure out how. And so, one evening when we were sitting in our room, Dima offered her a foot massage.

Bewildered she looked at me waiting for me say something. Earlier no one had touched her but me. I didn’t mind. The first day she was embarrassed. Quite a stranger was touching her long legs, kneading her ass, rubbing her with some creams, sometimes touching her private parts with a finger. But after a couple of days she completely relaxed and put herself in his hands. But that was point of no return. On the fifth day of the massage he asked me to go and get the clay for feet as we had discussed before. My wife was lying on her stomach wearing a top and a thong which barely covered her pussy and anus. Dima was wearing just shorts. I put on my slippers and slammed the door of the room pretending I was leaving. But I was standing behind the door.

Dima continued the massage, I was spying on them through the keyhole. Completely relaxed my princess was lying on her stomach. She was lying so that I could see everything clearly, Dima’s trunk was getting up, and suddenly Dima on the same breath pulled out his cock and moistened and it with lubricates it with saliva with your fingers pushing the strings on her Thong which barely covered the entrance to her pussy and enters her two seconds of silence, he leaned on her and fully entered her narrow pussy with his for huge dick. She tries to resist him, she tries to shout, but useless - one hand on her mouth and the other hand on her pubis. In a few minutes, my Princess stopped resisting; slowly he was plunging into her wet pussy and after a couple of minutes she began upward movements to him.

I was looking at that and could not believe my eyes - my wife was wriggling under another man. The deeper he was getting the more passionate she was becoming; her moans and her pussy were like music of sex. 10 minutes later they both came. He was cumming in her, and she was just getting pleasure enjoying from what she received of him. Dima pulled out his trunk, wiped the sperm and continued massaging as there was nothing happened. A minute later I came and pretended as had nothing to know. She looked at me with naive eyes, and Dima continued. After about 5 minutes my Princess got up to throw on the bathrobe, her panties was wet with sperm flowing out from her pussy, but I tried to look as if nothing happened. Dima and I are friends to this day.

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