- Xenia! 

- Yes, Alexey Petrovich? 

- We have a new patient. Work with him! 

- Ok... Is he cute? 

- Go ahead and see for yourself. 

I work as a nurse. Well, not exactly a nurse. I sleep with VIP patients. No… “sleep” is a very soft word... I fuck with them, they fuck me, I yield to them completely. By the way, I’m given good tips. Very good tips. But, enough to shoot the breeze, it’s time to work.... 

- Hello! 

- Hello... Are you Dmitry? 

- Dima for short... And you are Xenia, aren’t you? 

- Yes. 

I leaned over him, opening my hidden under the tight dressing-gown chest, and gave him a thermometer. 

He stood still: of course, today I’m wearing such a sexy bra! And the panties... Well, he still has time to see... 

- Let’s check the temperature. Oh, what is this piece of paper doing on the floor? I’ll pick it up, don’t worry. 

Now he saw my panties. Sharply turning around, I saw him licking his lips over. It was half finished, he was already in my hands. 

- Now we wait until the temperature is measured. 

I sat down next to him on the chair, I arched my back in a sexy way, the chest and butt out. 

- Here is the time. So, what do we have here? 

I again bent over him. And at this moment he again looked at my boobs and could not hold back any longer. He pulled me closer to him and whispered: 

- You also want it, huh, bitch? 

Of course, I did. I pulled Dima’s briefs off, my panties as well and quickly sat down on the patient’s cock. He hugged me by the waist and began to throw me up and down over his dick harder and faster. 

- Oh, Yes! Yeah-Ah-Ah!!! Yeah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah yeah-Ah-Ah-Ah, fuck me, Yes, Yes, faster, Yes!!! 

I was jumping on him like a crazy one, and suddenly I felt myself cumming. My muscles were contracting right on his huge cock. Feeling that he is close to cum as well, I quickly slid off him. 

Oh my God, how beautiful, how big this penis is! I clung to him with my lips, and slowly started making a blowjob. I was licking his cockhead, running the tongue along the trunk, swallowing the cock completely, taking under the cheek tormenting it there with my tongue, biting a little very easy, making Dima growl wildly. I did not forget about the testicles, all the time fiddling with them in my hands, sometimes licking them or completely taking them in the mouth. 

Finally Dima could not hold it back and came in my mouth. I drank every last drop, finally licking the barrel, tasting every drop. Thinking that it's all over, I stood up, turned around and walked on to the door. Dima hastily grasped me and whispered: 

- Is that all, baby? Maybe we’ll go on having fun? 

He had been having me long and in different poses. He was sitting on the chair near the bed and I was riding on him, clutching his neck with my hands. He was standing there and fucking me holding in his arms, my legs on his shoulders, and his arms around my waist. I was lying on the bed and gripping his waist with my legs, and he was standing before me pecking my pussy hard. I was on the floor on my all fours, and he was ramming me from behind like a beast, growling at the same time. He put me with my chest on a window-sill, and he fucked me from behind. And every time in the end he came in my mouth and I obediently swallowed it all. 

In the end he fucked me in my virgin (that, by the way, is really strange, for I have had sex with lots of men before, but no one wanted to try anal) hole. 

- So long, Xenia. 

- So long, Dima. 

- I’ll leave the tips on my dismissal from hospital. You're going to visit me during treatment days, aren’t you? 

- Of course, Dima. 

I went out. Yeah, I have been fucked today hard enough...

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