How my boyfriend raped me

This story has happened to me quite recently. One evening our company had a drink and my boyfriend pulled me into the bathroom. By that time we had already had a little of sex practice in such an awkward place.

When everyone was shifting from general fun to their own business, he offered to get closeted to each other. We came into the bathroom. This is where it all began. I've never seen him so brutal in sex.

He roughly pulled my pants down and put me in the doggy-style position. I just felt his big cock getting into me sharply and to the balls reaching the uterus. He grabs me by the waist and starts at a fast speed pulling me on his cock sharply. I was not sufficiently aroused, so first I was a little hurt. But he's not stopping, he gabs my chest hard enough squeezing the nipples. In a few minutes I’m cumming together with him. 

I’m pulling away from him in order to have a rest.

- Hey, bitch, come back, or I’ll punish you and you'll regret it.

- But I need a short break.

With nothing to say back he roughly bends me down and literally spindling me on his cock. After a couple of pushes he pulls out his cock and rests it against my anus.

- Well, whore, I warned you. You’d better had listened to me. Now I'm gonna fuck you up the ass.

And he grabbed me by the waist and started to shove his dick in my narrow asshole, which didn't want to let him in easily. Apparently, he got tired of it and forgetting all and with one sharp blow he drove in me up to the balls. The pain was terrible. I screamed, cried and begged him to stop.

- You see what follows disobedience. Don't beg me, I will not stop until you are fucked properly.

When he came, he pushed me onto my knees and ordered:

- Suck it, bitch. You're now my professional whore.

First, I sucked his dick long time. He couldn’t cum long and after some time my lips got tired. I let his cock off and heard his indignant shout:

- Got tired, whore?! I said, suck it. Or, maybe, I should just fuck you in the mouth?

The last words sounded more like a statement. He put the cockhead in my mouth, grabbed my head and started fucking me in the mouth with pleasure. I used to do blowjob, but never let a guy fuck me in the mouth. For me it was humiliating, but scary turning on. He had cum, probably in 10 minutes right on my face and was quite glad looking at me.

I was so turned on with that violence, that I posed on my all fours and asked him to fuck me. Meanwhile I was thinking of asking him to rape me next time.

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