Summer hunt - sweet dreams

Do you know what's the most sexiest body part in a man? Shoulders? A strong chin? Hairy ass? Dick-long-to-knees? Hell, no. Brains! A smart man is very sexy. When I hear in conversation "It's kinda… hmm… well… I… well…" after every phrase, I want to punch a conversation partner on the nose. Or on the balls.

Unfortunately, clever males of my age prefer obtaining beer impotence and scoliosis in front of the computer, and those still able to move with something are long taken by the girls with long legs, clean skin and perfect makeup. My appearance… hm… Mother Nature didn’t have a rest designing my appearance. 

Oh no! She was throwing a bucket of slop with genetic garbage of three generations. But, as Ostap Bender said: “Let's work with what we have”. Short plumpies want to be loved and cherished as well.

And not by backstreet bullies, but by those they choose themselves. 

So, that was just foreplay, a fairy tale follows.

I love young perverts, those biting during the sex, different fetish lovers with dyed hair and painted eyes. However, it is not enough they are almost disabled, moreover, they don’t like me! 

Of course, while drunk I managed to put a couple of goths to bed but in the morning they were so shocked, as if I was a giant clam and not a 90-65-100 girl with long hair they were pulling and wrapping around the phallus so hard all night. So now I'm refocused on the men of 30-40 years. Preferably long and happily married and having a permanent income. Without that I don't trust them - maniacs and losers. 

Every day I go out into the world to hunt. My clothing is the instrument of temptation. Fuck that little growth, the ginormous ass and the chest. Fuck that curly hair impossible to be straighten. It hovers like Venus’, sparkles and shimmers with copper and amber. It is scattered across the pillow and falls with fragrant tent over your face when I'm on top of you leaning down to kiss you. It is like the snakes of silk sliding over your skin when the tip of my tongue is drawing a path from your nipple to your dick. I throw the hair away from my face, so you can see my lips grasping your cockhead and feel my tongue on your frenulum.

There is nothing disgusting in oral sex, Oh no! It is an act of trust. The man confides his most intimate organ, brings it closer to the primitive weapon of women - the teeth, she swallows his juice, his essence and takes it all in, partaking of his sexuality. I love oral sex. 

The cockhead is tight and smooth and so sensitive! The trunk is bumpier and sometimes it seems to be faceted due to swollen veins. Taking it completely in the mouth, keeping the lips as a tight ringlet and run them from the base to the head several times, then letting them out and lick thoroughly, gently sucking each. And again to lick the barrel, slightly pressing on the veins, folding the lips in the ring and moving up and down, not forgetting to caress pumped up cockhead.

Clasping the copck with a hand and speeding up the pace, caressing it at the same time, quickly licking the head and teasing the frenulum. Slightly slowing down, to prolong the pleasure, again pacing up, removing the hand away and swallowing the cock deeper and deeper, feeling its pulsation, the voltage and finally the hot jet of sperm. 

I don't understand the girls who in this intimacy of the moment spit out the cock, or refuse to swallow the "juice of love" and they run to the bathroom to spit it out. Yes, I agree, the taste is special. But this is the concentrate of your lover, the physical embodiment of his aura! 

Sperm should be swallowed whole. Not only the first explosion of fireworks, but the rest after the first wave of orgasm as well, you cannot stop, you need to go on sucking it, drying up the whole sexual charge. And only then, happily licking the lips over,  I fall beside you on the pillow, my hair glides quickly over your face and you will feel your smell from them the. And you realize – I'm your woman. 

But this is not the end. And not even the beginning. We had and we will have a lot of wonderful things more. Do you like it? Well, here I am. Come to me, honey.

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