Oral unpacking

- Well, that’s how we pecked her together. 

Sasha and I were sitting at the stadium in the middle of the forest park. The last passer-by had already reached the tram tracks, so for the next few miles there were just he, I and the saleswoman at the stall where we got beer. 

– Why didn’t you come with us?

I hesitated. Don't like to talk about my absurd attempts to chase the girls. 

– Well… I haven’t had it for a long time. 

Sasha held on for a moment and took a sip of beer.

- Listen, close your eyes.

- What are you doing? - I took a sip as well and obediently closed my eyes.


Two hours ago, in the gym locker room.

Sasha comes out of the shower. I'm waiting for him to go to drink beer together.

- Want same one too? – Sasha caught my glance, and shook his heavy penis like a sausage. I sgave him a silly smile, but did not look away.


- Have you closed your eyes?

- Yes. 

He stepped up, opened his fly and took out the penis I saw in the locker room. Bared the head and gently held it to my nose, stopping in front of the lips. I automatically opened my eyes and got scared. 

I was overwhelmed with feelings almost to a heart attack, but when I calmed down I realized that I was already sucking that gift. I sucked so hard as if trying to do my best. I was pulling all in licking it with my tongue around the cockhead. My lips were rubbing it back and forth like a robosucker. 

The rest of my body was afraid to move, so not to scare away the cock of my friend.

In the meantime he started to fuck me, put his hand on the back of my head in order not to let me fly off the track. So dark and desirable his cock was, so sweet and tenderly it was fidgeting over lips, I was just blissing out. 

Sasha suddenly took the hand away, he got stiffened. I understood and began to wrap my lips around his gun. With a heavy breath Sasha had cum. His salty cum splashed into my throat. As I remember, there were 5 cumshots.

I sucked the whole cock over, squeezed the last drop from the cockhead and pulled Sasha out of my mouth.

- Wow, Anton... you're a great sucker! 

Only now I noticed that Sasha poured sweat. Maybe, it was my first real blowjob, not imaginary one, but years of watching porn, and in particular the sense of envy to those whores taking five or six cocks at a time, gave the desired results.

- I tried.

- All right, Anton. From now I’m gonna fuck you every day – It doesn’t take long to get used to good. 

He smiled, put the limp cock back in the briefs buttoned his pants and took his seat again.

I was happy, but said nothing, only sipped the beer diluting the taste of my honestly earned goodies in my mouth.

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