Poor Nicky

I decided to write this story a long time ago, but I always failed. A friend gave me a link to this website, where I have read a lot of such stuff, and it dawned on me, I think you understand what exactly dawned on me. Well, let's now move on to the story.

One day when it was a little snowing, Nicky was going home through the park. She was returning from the birthday party of her friend. It was too late. And no sign of danger was expected.

- Yes, Sveta, good! When I get home, I'll call you! Kiss you. Bye-bye!

Nicky was eighteen, she was blonde with blue eyes which was considered to be very beautiful. She had a boyfriend, and she loved him very much, his name was Kirill. All the guys wanted her, and she could have chosen anyone, but she loved her childhood friend. Kirill was very handsome, he was a football player, so his stomach was flat with clear-cut cubes on. He loved Nicky, and even wanted her, but she never yielded to him saying, "Kirill, I know we're eighteen, it’s ok, but I can't do that until after the wedding!"

The girl kept thinking about how the birthday party had passed. That particular day fell in her memory, because Sveta was her best friend. Nicky was very tired, she sat down on a bench and took out her cell phone. It was 01:29 AM. 

- Wow! So late! My parents will kill me!

She knew that park very well, so she went on over her favorite path.

Suddenly the girl heard some rustling. She turned around. Nothing! She only looked back as a man came out of nowhere. Nicky ran faster. So did he. She was choking. "Oh, no! I'm gonna be killed now", flashed through her mind. She ran over behind some garage, the guy caught her and shut her mouth not to let her scream. He had very strong hands, and she couldn't hit him. Her heart was beating harder and harder. Then he drew her into the bushes. She fell down on the dirty and wet ground and he began to tear her white blouse off with all his wild power. Then her jeans. She stayed wearing the panties and the bra. There he said:

- You are mine!

And then he took off his pants and poked his cock into her pussy.

She screamed so laud, that leaves fell down off the next tree to the ground. He began to-and-fro movements. He was very pleased and had absolutely no pity to poor Nicky. It lasted about 20 minutes, and then he wanted her in the ass. It was not difficult at all to turn her over. 

- Let me go, you asshole! Damn you, bastard!!!

- Calm down babe, or it will hurt!

And with the strongest force he drove in her body. He was not comfortable, so he put her in the doggy-style position, though it wasn't easy, because she was screaming, struggling and biting, yet he did it. He liked it even better. Then he came and looked into her eyes.

- Hi, Nicky. You were great!

- Kirill... How could you?! Bastard! You are nothing after all that!

- Yeah, okay, okay. Calm down, it was to happen sooner or later anyway.

- If you did that in the other way, I wouldn’t have been offended, but since it's you, I even liked it! I want more!

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