Dancing club

Once being a student in the Institute I went to the dancing club. Generally, I like dancing, and free love that thrives there! After about an hour after beginning, I walked down the hall, leaving another passion to chat with friends. In the shadow of the hangers I saw a couple: a guy with his hand under the jean skirt stroking a sweet girl. She was wearily smiling. The girl looked like she had accidentally drunk too much alcohol after prom. 

This immorality excited me and I decided. The boy, that was caressing her, was slow on her! One needs to take it when it’s hot. I invited her out for a slow dance. Close to me, so to speak, she was very tempting. Although she responded to my advances very lazyt. But I think I came up with how to get her motivated: she needed a little of adrenaline! After kick-ass dance I put my arms around her waist and brought outside to take some fresh air.

 Her boyfriend disappeared somewhere: maybe, to have another drink. Nastya and I went over behind the dance club building, there was loud music and people talking. I’ll say straight, I wanted rough and fast sex. I brazenly pulled up her short skirt and was surprised to find a complete lack of panties. Now that was what my competitor found there! Nastya made a feeble attempt to pull the dress back sown, and in her eyes for a second a sober look flashed. But, apparently, she did it for the sake of nothing... 

I pulled off my t-shirt and spread it on the ground. I put Nastya on her all fours, she was smiling and silent. I unzipped my fly and got a place from behind. Roughly, without preparation I drove into her hot hole. She seemed overly wet for an untrained girl. I pulled out my cock and saw it was covered... She was already stuffed with someone else's sperm. 

- Don't stop, Max! - she asked, invitingly swaying her ass.

 I pounced at that whore, at a furious pace hitting her ass with my balls. Her vagina tightly clasped my shaft, although it was slippery with secretions. I grabbed her, putting one hand on the firmer breasts, and a finger stirring the clitoris. Suddenly I heard the voices of the boys coming in our direction. We twitched and came. I managed to jump and move a few steps away to nearby bushes. Nastya was panting but stood up, the sperm dripping down over her thigh. The boys headed by her guy came around the corner. 

- Nastya! I was told you’ve gone with some goof?! - he said.

 Nastya passed her trembling hand over her leg, wiping my seed and wiped the hand over her skirt. 

- I came outside for a smoke break, - she replied, smoothing her skirt. 

I waited until they had left and quietly retreated home... 

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