At the summer house

My new friend Roman persuaded me to visit him for a few drinks, and whether he had the gift of persuasion, or it was a few bottles of beer in me, but soon I found myself in the summer house and getting acquainted with his three friends: Alex, Dennis and Igor. Simple snacks accompanied the rapidly finished bottle of vodka. Drunk and happy we walked out of the house to smoke on the fresh air. Roman and I were sitting on the bench, and the rest of the guys settled down on the grass after throwing off the shirts under the roasting sun.

 Roman suddenly asked me if I ever sucked a cock. I lied and said “no”. Roman dropped the cigarette and pulled down his shorts.

-Touch it with your tongue, you’re gonna like it.

I got confused at all. Roman continued:

- You were staring at him near the river when I was drying the trunks, and now you can do whatever you want, - and he practically with force bowed my head.

 Not knowing yet what to do, I carefully grasped his balls and slid with the tip of my tongue over the head of his cock. After a few moments, I was on my knees sucking Roman’s cock. 

Soon blissed Roman moved my head aside and turned it to Alex coming up to us and with one hand wanking his penis and the other one holding a bottle of beer. I felt horny and started to suck him off. The other two guys also took out their dicks and began to set them up to my mouth. In the end, I was in the middle of a circle of guys with their pants down, and for the first time in front of me there were four standing cocks I alternately licked, jerked and sucked.

First came Igor, and at that he pressed on the back of my head and pushed the cock right down my throat. Fortunately, I was able to take his cock at its base, and immediately felt a warm salty stream in my mouth. Swallowing almost the whole portion of sperm, I was bringing Roman to orgasm as well, for he was the one who gave my mouth such a fiesta on that day. Finally, his cock stiffened, Roman moaned and released his fluid into my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth not to choke. 

 It took a few seconds for Alex to douse my face with his sperm, viscous, with a bitter taste. He drove his long limp cock over my lips and gave it to me to lick it over. But with Dennis I had to work hard. He lay down on his side onto the grass, and I settled down next to him. So he could comfortably fuck me in the mouth. I felt dizzy with alcohol, pleasure, and the smell of sweat and semen. But there Dennis shook and filled my mouth with unreally much of semen, and he was still moving not allowing me to spit it out, and I was choking and swallowing.

 I love it when they cum in my mouth, but, you know, taking four doses in a row turned out to be not so very easy task.

The party was resumed and continued until dark. My attempts to say goodbye and to leave were suppressed by the company. With the onset of the cool night we unsteadily went to the river to cool off. After swimming, we settled down on the river bank, and Roman said:

- Good sucker, do it again.

 I moved to him and stroked his scrotum through the swimming trunks. Roman sat up, allowing me to pull them off at all. I leant against his hot cock. Instead of excitement I only felt fatigue. Suffering mosquito bites all over my body, I was hard sucking the limp dicks of drunken guys. Soon everybody supported the proposal of Roman to freshen up in the cool water and went to swim.

At that time without saying goodbye I was hurrying in the direction of the summer village, where I was waited for by my relatives...

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