My new driver

A week ago my boss hired a new driver for me. He was a very nice man, tall, blue-eyed athlete, but I never showed that I liked him. For a week we got used a little to each other, and yesterday I took him to show where I live. We went to my house, I showed him the bedroom, the dining room, and we went over to the kitchen.

 I offered a cup of tea and put some sugar in the cup, but then he came up from behind me, put his hands under my shirt and took it off, lifted up the bra and began to caress my breasts. My nipples hardened under his palms and I moaned with excitement. He kissed my neck and I felt his hardened cock on my ass. 

He freed one hand and held between my legs, I shuddered, and he got into my panties and massaged my wet hot lips and the clitoris. He bent me forward, pulled the panties down and inserted his fingers in my hole, I was burning with desire. I said, "take me", and he put his boner in my juicy vagina. I thought my hole would crack cause of the size of his penis 

I realized I was being fucked by my driver, and I'm bent with a bare ass, but it was so hot that I forgot about everything. He was holding my hips and slapping my pussy so hard that it was all squelching with juice. I moaned, and then he turned me over, made me sit down on the table and frantically began to fuck me from my front, my legs wide apart, my tits shaking with violent pushes. I had cum, but he didn't stop and said he wanted me to suck his cock. 

I obediently knelt down and began to suck his dick, I did it so hard that he was moaning and shuddering. He held my head and pecked my mouth with his cock down to the balls, and then he came straight down my throat that I nearly choked, as I had a mouth full of sperm. 

Again he put me on my all fours and began driving a finger over my anus. I turned around to say that I'm afraid, but he told me to shut up, and drove a finger up in my ass. He was squeezing my clit, and it drove me crazy. I moaned again and felt he rested his cock against my anus. I was kneading my nipple, and again got wildly excited. He drove his baton up into my ass, and slowly began to move it. 

I yelled that it hurt, but he groaned with the buzz, and in a minute the pain subsided and I was already enjoying the fact that I was being fucked in the ass. He was hitting my ass and I screamed to stop, but he just stronger pulled me to him, grabbed my hair and roughly fucked my ass until he came. Then he gently kissed me and said he liked it much. I was exhausted and could barely talk. That's how our romance began...

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