Working day Saturday

One Saturday I was asked to go to work by my boss. I knew the office staff had a day off, so I decided to get dressed as I like – the blouse without a bra and a lightweight skirt. All this was overthought for the guard I put an eye on so long ago, so he would pay attention to me. 

At work my boss asked me to make coffee for him, and I brought it into his office. He noticed my "dress", I could see it in his lustful eyes, and after he tasted the coffee, he said it was not sweet enough. I went over to take a cup and add the sugar, but my boss grabbed my hand, sipped some coffee and kissed me. That was something I did not expect. 

He pulled me closer gripping by the waist, and I could no longer resist and I responded with a passionate kiss. He thrust his hand under the blouse and squeezed my big boobs pulling the hardened nipples, so I began moaning with excitement. He threw me down on the office couch, rode up my skirt and lowered his hand to my pussy, and then began rubbing and pulling my clit a little. 

I was buried in heavenly pleasure, I was dripping wet, when he was sticking his fingers in there and whispering to me how sexy I am and how long he had been wishing to fuck me. He was saying bold words to me, and fucking me with his fingers. I almost fainted with excitement when he pulled out his rod and drove it into my pussy. 

He was ramming my hole faster and faster, my tits were shaking from that crazy sex, and he was torturing my pussy, I was cumming on and on. Then I got on top of him and pulled myself on his cock. He said he wanted to fuck me in the ass.

I obediently stood on my all fours, and he shoved a finger in there. I slightly moaned with pain and began pinching my clit, and with my second hand I was pulling my nipples. He drove in already two fingers. I moaned and begged him to fuck me in the ass. He shoved his baton in there and started to fuck me up in the ass. He was groaning with pleasure, and I was rubbing my clit harder, and jerking off my vagina with the fingers. 

And then there came the guard who I had a crush on, and he didn’t look surprised. I guess he heard our moans. He unzipped his pants and put his erect dick in my mouth while my boss was banging my ass. 

I've never had such pleasure before. The boys came in me at once. I released from their captivity, buttoned up the buttons of the blouse, and the boys asked me to make some more coffee for them. 

On the next working day I learned that since that moment Saturday was to be my working day. I hope my salary will be raised as well.

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