A present for Valentine's day

It happened last year when it was my first 1 year at the university. I always wanted to lick a girl’s pussy. I had never done it before. Among boys it is considered a disgrace and God forbid the friends find it out, they will no longer consider you a man.

At that time I had a girlfriend, she had just had her eighteen’s birthday. She was still a virgin and she wasn’t going to lose her virginity in the nearest future. So I just had to wait and chase other girls for sex.

One day on the 14 of February – Valentine's Day, I was with her standing in the stairwell of her house. By the time we met almost 3 weeks. We exchanged the presents. I began to kiss her, first on the neck, then the nose, the lips... I was her first boyfriend...

And the thought of her never being kissed and touched made me turned on very much. We merged in a passionate kiss, her lips were so sweet... I thrust my hands under her blouse and started to touch over her breasts, which were so taut. 

Then I got my courage and put a hand under her skirt, first I held my hands over her panties and I could feel that her pussy was already wet. I decided to put my hand in her panties, but she got scared trying to to hold my hand and pull it out. Still after a couple of minutes she stopped trying that.

Gradually I pulled her tights and panties down to the knees. I didn’t dare to take off her skirt, it was a daytime and we were in the stairwell where people could appear. At this point I was overwhelmed with the desire to lick her pussy, but I did not dare to this disgrace. 

Still, I could not hold it back, I knelt down before her and touched her pussy with my tongue (she was scared, she didn't understand what I wanted to do, saying only: "no, don't"). Her pussy was so sweet to taste. I was pleasantly surprised.

I could not get enough of licking, greedily swallowing her nectar. She did not resist. On the contrary, her hands clenched my hair and she pressed my head tighter to her pussy. I turned her over and licked her anus, making the way deeper and deeper with my tongue. 

I was licking on and on... it lasted almost 2 hours, I paused just when I heard some noise in the stairwell when people came in. Well at least there were just a few people coming in for all the time I was enjoying my girl, only 2-3 of men. 

Since that time I lick her pussy 5-6 times a day...

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