Wishes coming true

Hi! My name is Kate. I want to tell you about how wishes come true. Everyone must have had his puppy love. So in my life there was a boy. My childhood friend. His name was Alex. He was handsome, two years older than me. Earlier I was in mad love with him. Then at 15 we almost started a romance, but it never came to a logical ending... When we grew up, we rarely met. So it's been a few years. Both he and I had bad romances by that time...

That summer I was getting ready to enter the university, but I was weak in mathematics, which was the major exam in my chosen specialty. The tutors were expensive to hire... Anyway, it happened so that Alex volunteered to be my tutor, who knew math enough to explain it to me. Our lessons were assigned at a free apartment. I was trembling, even my knees were giving way for he was my first love... At our first meeting we honestly studied the subject, but I felt his interested look, and some touches didn’t seem accidental... (later I realized that they really were not).

Our first meeting was arranged by me, but the second one was assigned by Alex. I already had an idea that was done for something. And so it was. When I came to him, Alex offered beer. We didn’t do math, just talking. I already knew what to wait for. I figured it out by excitedly brilliant eyes of Alex. I must say that I was dressed in a lightweight half-translucent tunic that didn't hide anything. 

As time went on, we went out to smoke on the balcony, where I felt the first timid touches of Alex’ hands to my ass. I instinctively arched my back, and his touches became bolder and more insistent, the fingers sought to penetrate deeper, all of this terribly excited me. I abruptly turned to him, and we merged in a passionate kiss. The situation reached its highest point. 

We were back in the room, Alex threw me down on the couch and started to pull down my tights, of course, I helped him with this. Having moved my tiny panties aside, Alex plunged in me with one sharp movement. His penis was not very big, but all was compensated by his activity. His movements were quick and choppy. We came at the same time. Such meetings were repeated several times. I really liked the unusual sensations from sex with the man you know for a million years, but reveal new sides of was impossible at 15....

What I want to tell you about happened that summer, about a month after our first meeting. It was a warm July evening, in the morning via text messages with Alex we agreed to meet at his place. I was ready to go out, when I got the text saying: "Could you bring your girlfriend with, I'm with a friend". 

It was late, so I couldn’t call anyone, and, frankly, I didn’t want that much. I was already upset that our meeting was gonna be canceled... But my text with the negative answer was followed with the reply: "What if we have you together?" I immediately got wet between the legs. The threesome sex was my favorite sexual but yet unfulfilled fantasy. I thought about the third person in bed even with my ex-boyfriend, but we never brought the fantasy to life. So I welcomed this proposal eagerly. 

I suffered in doubt for about 5 minutes (after all, Alex was my first love, I didn’t want anything dirty with him), but my raging sexual desire won.

The friend of Alex was Anton. It all started not immediately. Still all of us had no such experience before. We were drinking beer, the excitement was growing. It all started again on our favorite balcony. Like on the first time Alex got his hand under my skirt and began to caress my wet pussy. I was extremely excited, because Anton was watching all this action (he was also a very nice young man). Before I suspected in myself some exhibitionistic tendencies, but now it was real! 

"Oh! Ah!"- my moans broke the silence of that summer night. I came from the first touches right there on the balcony. Then we entered the room. Alex unzipped his pants, pulled out his instrument and rather roughly moved my head to him. I almost came again. Oh! It was something! 

I did a blowjob to Alex, and I’m good at it, and there next to us Anton was sitting. Slowly, prolonging the pleasure, I was working with my mouth... Anton was watching that silently and taking no action. Alex, apparently, remembering about his friend, turned me around to face him, and he entered my hot pussy already dripping wet. Anton quickly unzipped his pants and stuck his cock in my mouth. His cock appeared to be of impressive size, and sucking it was just a pleasure. 

So they were fucking me simultaneously. Alex was working from behind, while I was fondling the tool of Anton. They moved almost in time, apparently, affected by long-term friendship. Alex got the familiar fast pace, stroking my buttock, and Anton followed him holding my hair. I was in complete ecstasy! After some time the motions of Alex became chaotic, and he groaned shooting load onto my ass. Then his place was taken by Anton. 

He put me on my all fours facing the wall, and then slid into me. His pace differed from Alex’ and the cock was bigger... He was fucking me with pleasure either slowly plunging to the ground, as if trying to break me, or on the contrary quickly and sharply, one hand shamelessly caressing my clit, the index finger shoved in my mouth. I lost count. Orgasms followed one after another. His cock seemed to fit perfectly to my inside. This time Alex was the one watching. 

After about five minutes of fucking, Anton turned me around to face him and again shoved it in my mouth. The taste of the cock was unusual. Three juices mixed together: his precum, my juice and Alex’ sperm. He was thrusting his cock in my mouth until it stopped. I was sucking, either accelerating or then slowing the pace, licking the cockhead and the balls. He was already about to cum, but apparently, he decided to give me more pleasure. Therefore, taking off his shirt, he drove in me from front. 

His torso was magnificent. Five years in gym made a proper effect. I wrapped him around with my legs and was yielding to him entirely, and he was fondling my breasts and furiously fucking me. It was something! While fucking Anton I felt Alex was watching me carefully. I wondered, what he felt at that moment? Anton shot the load in my mouth, his cum was slightly bitter, but pleasant...

I went to the bathroom. When I came back, we started over again. Now it was even more sensitive... They were both fucking me, alternately changing places, but now they opened my other side. They fucked me in the ass. Apparently I was so excited that when they were plunging in there, I felt almost no pain, although later I found some blood spots on the panties...

I had never experienced such pleasure earlier. Two best friends, two insanely handsome men were sharing me in the literal sense of the word... And I'll tell you a secret, our meetings are going on till now. Probably, I wanted that for a good reason…

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