The beach

Once I had a trip to Turkey on my vacation. And there an extraordinary story happened to me. One evening I was at the bar near the beach. I ordered a low-alcohol cocktail and enjoyed watching the world around. Next to me a very charming young man took a seat, I immediately put an eye on him. 

Our eyes met, sweet shiver ran over my body, I gave him a nice smile. The young man was encouraged and offered to have a cocktail at his expense, and I naturally agreed. After an hour we seemed to know everything about each other. Soon he asked me to take a walk along the beach, explaining that it would be very romantic. 

We were walking, holding each other’s hands and talking about many things. I felt like a carefree girl next to him. We decided to sit down on the sand to watch the surf. His gentle hand stroked my hair, his fingers drifted to my graceful neck. I turned to him. He kissed me on my juicy plump lips. He was so gentle, that I couldn't resist him. 

He undid my short sundress, and my chest opened to his view. He was gently caressing my nipples. My body was trembling under his caresses. My legs were instinctively swaying. He slowly moved my knees apart and got settled between my legs. In that moment I felt his standing penis rested against me, it was so pleasant! He pulled off my thong and his trunks. 

I could feel his hot stiffened cock touched my pussy, it drove me crazy. My beach man was driving his cock very gently over my pussy. My body was out of control more and more. 

And then came the moment when he was plunging in me... Very slowly... Yes, it was perfect! He was increasing pace every minute. I could feel his balls hitting my ass, how nice I felt then... My body was moving towards him and it drove him even better. I've been whining like a horny bitch. 

Everything mixed up in my head, when he turned my ass to him, I moved my legs apart, and bent my back like a pussycat... With a sharp movement he thrust his cock in me, and I thought I would faint with pleasure. 

We had had sex up to the dawn. We woke up with the morning sunrise. I turned to my wizard and gently kissed him on the lips. The next day I left and we never saw each other again.

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