The gym

I regularly go to the gym. Not that I've been working on packing up much muscles, I just keep myself in shape. I go there in the evening and do exercises up to the close time. Usually at that time there are not so many people and no one disturbs me. That evening two guys more were there. They were huge jockstraps.

During the whole training they grinned at me and at the weights I was working with. I was looking at them silently and secretly. I finished my training and went to the sauna, in a few minutes they came in as well and began teasing me that I was training with an empty bar, etc. I replied that it was better than being on steroids which make you unable to get it up. 

Those two drastically changed in the face. They were shouting at me: «Do you think we are impotents?!», «Yes!!!» «Do you think we can't get it up?!!" With those words they dragged me to the locker room and put me on the bench.

One of them sat on my chest pinning my arms to my chest, the second guy was driving his cock across my face. He grabbed my head and ordered to open my mouth. I obeyed. His cock immediately got in my mouth, and I had to do nothing but suck it. I sucked very skillfully, but his dick was not totally hard, it got swollen and grew bigger in size up to 18cm, perhaps, but it wasn't standing upright. 

They put me so, that my head was hanging off the bench. And now they didn't hold me, but I was not trying to break free. The first guy was fucking me in the mouth, he was shoving his cock right down to my throat so that his balls were slapping on my nose. The second guy aimed for my asshole. And when the second one drove his cock into my anus, the first guy grabbed my head and came into my mouth. There was so much of his sperm, and he was in no hurry to take it out, so I swallowed, sucked, still the cum ran down my face. 

The second guy lifted my legs up and fucked me in the ass. Two minutes and he came as well, but in the ass. I sat on the bench, and they sarcastically said: «Well, got it enough? Who's impotent here?" I had not found anything smarter than saying: "Is that the best you can do? I was right saying you are impotents!"

After those words, there began things I was expecting... They fucked me for another half an hour trying to prove they are real males. Doggy-style, from sideways, on top and from bottom, but most of all I liked when I was being screwed being suspended. The first guy held my ass, my legs were around his neck, I arched back and grabbed the second guy around his waist and he fucked me in the mouth. This was incredible! Here I felt their full strength. Sure, jockstraps are not impotents... They came one more time, silently got dressed and left.

P. S. If you think I stopped going to that gym, you are wrong...

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