The first time together with my friend

It all began as I and my friend were buying a night gown for my wife.

He said:

- I'd like to see how she looks wearing that.

And I told him:

- Maybe, someday.

Well, that day had come. I was persuading my wife to swing with my friend. So they agreed, but I didn't say to my wife when and with who. We gathered to drink and relax. We drank some vodka, and I see my wife is already warmed up. I offered to go to the living-room to listen to the music and dance. We came into the room and began dancing. I asked my wife to put on the night gown we bought. She did it and came to us. I was sitting on the couch, and my friend was in the armchair next to the sofa. When my wife got there, my friend's jaw dropped. My wife is a slim tall blonde with huge boobs and a slender figure. The night gown was translucent and we could see all her charms.

Big boobs, the pubis with a thin strip of hair and beautiful labia, my wife's vulvar lips are not like everyone else's, they slightly bulge out. 

She came up to the sofa and sat on it. I lay down on the sofa and asked her to lie down, she lay down next to me and I began stroking her. First the chest and then the stomach gradually going down to her pussy, she was already wet. With my fingers I began to massage her clit, she was moaning and with one hand reached to my shorts and her other hand got in the shorts of my friend stroking him. I spread her legs and began to lick her. My friend rose from the chair and stood beside the couch. She took his cock and began jerking him off. I took off my clothes and drove my penis into her. She was moaning even louder and squirming under me. I leaned over to her ear and whispered to give head to my friend. In fact, she doesn't like doing blowjob, and she never sucks mine. 

But there she pulled his cock to her mouth and started to lick its head and then swallowed it and began to suck, so seeing that I had cum. I climbed off her and went to wash myself. 

When I came back, my friend was already licking her pussy. I sat down in the chair and watched them. My wife began caressing my cock, so I was ready again for the second round. The friend got up and shoved his cock in her. She was moaning so laud as she never did with me. I guess, because he has a really big instrument. 

Then my friend got off her and lay down next to me saying:

- I drank too much, can't cum. 

And he asks my wife to suck him. With innocent eyes my wife is looking at me with as if asking whether she could do that, and I say to her:

- Can you handle with two? - And she replied:

- Well, I'll try.

She lay on her back, we crawled to her and put our cocks to her lips. She took my cock with one hand and her other hand took my friend's cock and began running her tongue over the cockheads in turn. Then she was sucking my friend's cock and licking mine. Then my friend got on her from top and began fucking her, while she was wanking my cock. He pulled out his dick from her vagina and shot load right on her face, and at that she came as well together with us.

So that was our first experience, but after that we had it many times again with long intervals. I will write about it some other time.

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