The loo for girls in the college

Hi, my name is Anya, I'm 18 years old. This is a real story that happened with me when I was in college. That spring day I wore a transparent top, through which my pink bra was well seen, purple pantyhose and a short black mini skirt. 

At the other lesson I went to the loo. In our college we have women's and men's toilets located in different parts of the building. I went to the loo and stopped near the corner. Near the girls' toilet there was a guy, I was surprised he was frantically looking around at the surrounding classrooms and all in all he was a kind of strange.

Then he acted very strangely, he went into the girls' toilet. I waited half a minute and came in, but not to scare him off I took off my high heels (tapping on the tile would have made me disclosed surely). I slowly started walking towards the stalls on the wet floor. My feet soaked a bit, I looked into the crack and saw that guy with his pants down sitting on the toilet seat and jerking off. 

I stepped back and was ready to go out, as my body was seized with a strange excitement. I locked the door to the loo and put the shoes back on, and my top on the contrary off.

I walked slowly tapping with thin heels on the tiled floor and then knocked on the stall he occupied. He was silent, but then I said I saw him wanking and would tell everyone of that if he wouldn't open the door. It worked. He was already in his pants and tried not to show a sign of what he was doing there.

- What's your name?

- Victor.

- I'm Anna!

He walked over and unbuttoned my bra and started to lick my young nipples. Then he kissed me on the neck, then on the navel. He took off his jeans and the briefs. His boner appeared. He hugged my hips and began to unbutton my mini. The zipper was on the back.

I stood before him in purple tights and a thong. He took the tights off and began kissing my panties. Then they went off my body. I knelt down to suck and lick his dignity, he had it unshaved and the hair tickled my face.

I got up, he took me to the window sill, grabbed my ass and lifted up. I put my arms around his neck and the legs around his body. I was dripping wet and he finally got in me. I hung on him and his cock was driving in me filling me rhythmically. He was knead my pink bra, then he undid it and began to lick the nipples swollen with excitement. 

We decided to change the position. He lay down on our clothes on the floor, as it was cold and dirty. His cock was erect, so I turned my ass to him and sat on his dignity. He was groping my tits makiing me lose control and jumping on him faster and faster on. His cock was not long but rather thick. I have a tiny hole, so I was very excited with that.

His dick repeatedly slipped out of me, I had to insert it back in my tight hole! It was very pleasant! Another time it slipped out, I turned around and began wanking it, and forgetting everything, I even took it in my mouth. At that time Victor's excitation got its climax and he shot load in my mouth. My tongue felt his dick contracting. Warm cum went down in my throat.

Then he stood up, knocked me down and started to lick my pussy, then with three fingers he got in and I really liked his manner of licking my clit. Victor was pecking me very quickly and frantically. I soon cried out, trembled, and experienced a very strong and bright orgasm. We fell down, but immediately realized that the lesson was over and very quickly we got dressed and rushed out.

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