It turned out to be a gorgeous summer day, and I with my girlfriend Gala decided to escape from the urban bustle to relax and swim. We packed up our belongings at a minimum and jumped in the car. 

With Gala we were as thick as thieves. Together in joy and sorrow. And the first lovemaking we tried together as well. We enjoyed exploring our luxurious bodies to examine all the holes with fingers, thereby to cause each other immense pleasure.

On the way there, my girlfriend whispered to me secretly that she had come up with something new, and I’d like it for sure. With anticipation and impatience we got to our secret place. Secret because no one traveled to that mountain stream for some reason, maybe, the water there was too cold. We spread out a blanket and decided to sunbathe. Gala didn’t keep the secret long and not took out a dildo out of her beach bag.

I rolled it in my hands and estimated: 20-25 cm, dark pink color, very flexible and exactly the same as a real one to touch. Dirty thoughts came to my mind and the desire to try was growing. My girlfriend slowly untied my bikini and began exploring every curve of my body with her plump lips. 

With bated breath I was eagerly waiting for Gala to caress my pussy. I always take a kind of insane delight at that. She slid her sharp little tongue down over my belly, then threw her leg over my and her pussy appeared close to my lips, that is how we applied the position of 69. 

Her tongue gently and insistently was caressing all the folds and digging into my hole and roaming from my pussy to the ass. I drove my finger into her vagina and began exploring all the folds inside her and also tickling Gala’s swollen clit. She was bending her back, lowering her ass as if pulling on my finger and hard tongue. Our moans were mingling into one, we were on the verge of bliss!

Then she abruptly moved away, sat down, took the dildo and put a condom on. Saying "Well, what are we playing now?" she asked me to stand in the doggy style position. With a smile I nodded and complied with the request.

Gala was driving this huge thing over my buttocks pushing on the crotch, thus turning me on very much. Nothing else was coming in my head, only the desire to enjoy at full swing. 

My girlfriend thrust a finger in my hole. My pussy was very wet and horny for sex. Then she removed the finger, parted my elastic lips and slowly began to insert the thing into my narrow crack. The pleasure hit me like a wave and my naughty girlfriend accelerated the tempo and the dildo was sliding over the walls of my vagina, driving me crazy. 

The orgasm came very quickly.

Doing the same with my girlfriend, we fell down on the blanket. We were happy and fully satisfied. 

Many years have passed, but when we meet, we are always smiling while recalling our love games.

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