Lucky photographer

I was doing erotic photosession for some brunette with big boobs.

Oh fuck! She was swaying her ass so nice, so affectionately and sexually she was kneading her boobs, and when she thrust them out of the top of her green swimsuit and started fondling them and pouring oil on - I got fucking mad and almost came, but I just managed to jump out, took my cock out and shot my load all around the corridor.

When I came back she asked me to rub her back with oil till shining. I took the bottle of oil, held over her back and poured a great quantity of oil on her wonderful ass. She was fucking blissing out, I bet. Fuck knows what got on her, but she decided to yield to me - definitely! She wagged her ass in rhythm to my stroking. I pulled down her panties and stuck a finger in her ass, she arched and groaned. Buzz!

I turned her to me and we kissed hot. Then I put the rest of oil on her fucking big boobs and began sliding my cock between her breasts.

She pushed me away, so I lay down and she straddled on with her back to me, turned my standing stake in her and began fucking me as madly as she could, wildly jumping and filling the whole studio with her cries. Naturally I grabbed her tits and began kneading and playing with them, getting fucking crazy with the fact I was fucking one of those that is similar to porn actresses half of the world jerked off watching.

I frantically came in her, she was kneading my balls, I did the same with her tits. And we both were ready to continue.

I put her on the couch on her side, lay next to her from behind and drove the dick into her reddened pussy, cupped her boobs with both my hands and began to peck her at a fast pace.

Through the moans she was screaming AAAAAAAAA, YEEEEEEEEES, fuck me, OOOOOH, like I do....

She screamed and I screamed with bliss, squeezing her balloons with pleasure, such a bitch! Why not every whore has such great size boobs?!

I put her on her all fours, grabbed her ass, she was pullinig on my cock again and again, screaming and echoing me. I was furiously slapping on her lush ass, spreading and massaging both ass cheeks, as well as the boobs.

- AAAAAAAAAA, - yelled the brunette, - AAAAAAAAA I'm coming, you sons of bitches, FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

- That’s the orgasm! Do you always yell like this?

- Fuck me in the ass, I want to feel your hard cock in my ass!

For fuck's sake! This is the day! I pulled out my cock, lubed it with oil and drove it inch by inch up in her ass, bending her lower to the floor. Shit! She, probably, was hurt and blissing out, because her screams were becoming lauder. And then I broke down, I pushed my cock all in the ass and came, pulling and pulling her ass on. I was screaming, probably, so laud, that an impotent would get it up!

Finally, I kneaded her boobs several times once again, fucked in the ass one more time and came on her pussy.

By the way, she never gave me her phone number, bitch!

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