First experience

Love. So much sense this word has... How accurately and simultaneously it expresses the essence of events. 

I loved a girl... Beautiful and clever. Years were passing by, we started dating as a boyfriend and a girlfriend. We were together all days long and I realized that my interest to her every day was getting stronger and stronger. She was good. Short blond hair... a little shorter than me, very light and agile. 

And then one day we were sitting in the park on the bench. She laid her head on my chest, I stroked her hair. There was no one around and it was getting dark. She timidly asked, not raising her head... "Do you love me?" “Of course”, I said. "Then kiss me". I kissed her as I had been doing for a few recent weeks. 

But now I decided to go farther. Kissing her, I put one arm around her and pressed closer to me, the other hand I put on her breast... She didn’t resist... I ran my hand over a little, still kissing her and almost hanging over her. 

Then my hand slipped on her tummy... her body was perfect, slim and taut... She squirmed a little and tried to stop my hand... but I was persistent, I pressed her stronger to me and dug in her lips. Meanwhile my hand was going down lower over her belly... 

She was the first who could not stand it... "I want you", she said, "But first, you have to deserve me" "How?!" I asked. She smiled slyly, spread her legs (she was wearing a skirt and I saw her panties). She picked me up from the bench, (I was very excited, and frankly, I could barely hold it back, but I didn't know what she wanted to do). 

She made me on my knees in front of her and pulled my face to her panties... they were wet and very hot... "Kiss it", she said, "Kiss and lick". I kissed the wet fabric of her panties and licked them a little... I heard her languid moan, she asked me not to stop, her scent drove me crazy... I was kissing and licking her panties... But I quickly got tired of it, so I pushed them aside and got into her crotch... 

It was wonderful. She took off her sweater and undid her bra. She was kneading her tits and squirmed with my touches. I pulled her closer holding by her hips and trying to penetrate with my tongue deeper in... Or vice versa, kissing just the visible part of her lips and the tender and pulsing clit. She was dripping wet... She was on top of the world, and I also got the pleasure... My dick was just buzzing with desire, but I decided to bring her to orgasm without it. 

She was writhing beneath me, arching against the back of the bench and trying to move away from me... But I kept her legs motionless... Soon I felt her shaking... She squeezed my head between her legs and her juice hit on my face. She fell on the bench, I broke free from her and crouched near her face... 

She was breathing brokenly... barely she stared at me and whispered something not very clear. It was getting dark and turning cold. I decided to restrain myself and postpone the reward for my efforts until another time, until tomorrow. And today, I’ll just help her to dress up, to clean her up and walk home.

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