Not just sex

We were together alone in the kitchen. There was no one else at home. We were watching a movie, when suddenly I got a wild desire awaken in me. I really wanted you, and we merged in a passionate kiss. 

Then I slid lower, my tongue slipped over your beautiful and taut breasts, over your nipples. Oh God, they are so hot! Then I sank lower and lower, and when I reached the bottom of the belly, I stopped for a moment. 

After a moment's pause, my agile tongue was caressing your pussy. It was sliding along and across, constantly trying not to overlook your clitoris. When I realized you're ready, I thrust two fingers in your ass. You gasped with pleasure moving towards me. 

When you had cum, you pushed me away, stood in front of me on your knees and gently took my cock in your sweet mouth. Licking the frenulum, you began gently sucking my cockhead. 

Excited I took you by the hair, and pulled your mouth on my boner. You licked it, sucked and caressed with a hand. 

When the degree of tension reached its peak, you stood up turning your ass to me and said, "Take my ass". I lubed your ass, put two fingers in and started to lick your clit. You came. 

You put me down, put my horny dick between your taut buttocks and began slowly sliding over it. I gasped with pleasure but kept on the rhythm. 

Then I began fondle your pussy with fingers. First I drove in two fingers, but feeling you opened up with excitement, I thrust three in. You increased the pace. Then we changed the position. I was having you in the doggy-style position. 

Feeling the orgasm point was close, you jumped off me and took my cock in your mouth. I could no longer hold it back. You pulled the dick out of your mouth and began furiously jerk it with a hand. I came. Cum was dripping over your face, the hair and the chest. 

I've never had such experience before. 

You were looking into my eyes, sucking my dick, and smiling slyly.

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