When it's time to get undressed

…First he clung to me near the ticket window. I was taking the ticket to Perm city - but it seemed to be just a accident. I could feel his cock getting hardened, but then I abruptly popped out of the queue and went to the toilet... 

But in the compartment that was him to have appeared as my travel mate. Before the train start there were a few minutes.

- Hello?

- Hi.

- We can change clothes, there’s no one to be shy of. – He began getting undressed. My name is Sasha...

- Alex.

I lay down and began looking through the magazine I had bought at the station, but at the same time looking at Sasha from above it, his cock was up... and then I realized he saw me watching. I was embarrassed. The train was accelerating the speed.

- Why are you not getting undressed? It’s rather hot here.

- I’m ok.

- Well, as you wish.

He lay down on his place. After some time he spoke up.

- Maybe we’ll have a shot drink? He sat down, hiding behind the sheets, and began taking out some snacks.

- I'm not a lover of drinking.

- Me too. Just a little bit.

- What shall we drink for?

- For health.

I realized that the ticket window scene was no accident at all.

- Where are you travelling to?

- To Perm city!

- Then let’s drink to “Bruderschaft”. 

I thought he was kidding, but he kissed me really and seriously...

- You were staring at my cock... and you liked it (He poured some more), so you were thinking about what you wanted to do with it. 

He was standing and stroking my buttocks.

- Well, I...

- Have you ever had sex with a male? Honestly. And let's leave the topic of sin. Just tell me, have you thought about you being fucked, or you be fucking a man?

I moved away, turning my back to him, and began getting undressed. I'm 48 years old and I have no illusions about my attractiveness...

- You have a nice body. I would say, you are a superfine athlete.

- Are you kidding?

- No. – His hand went down on my waist. – Don't do anything. Just answer three questions, okay?

I had it getting up. I felt his hand... the second hand he held my thigh, ran over the breast and then he began gently kissing my neck. I "swam", but tried to resist...

- Do not be afraid! I see you have it up. 

- Yes, it excites me. But it must be painful… in the ass!

- Have you ever tried? You want to try. I see it. Let's do this way – sit down (I sat down and his erect cock appeared before my face), just take my dick with your hand.

I took hold of his cock and I wanted...

- Is it disgusting?

- No. It’s very exciting.

- Then the night will be gifted. Put it in your mouth. Just gently, barely touching with the lips.

"What am I doing", I thought, when his cockhead got in my mouth.

I was caressing him for about five minutes.

- Wait. - Sasha didn't want to cum that way, he wanted my ass. - Get up, let's check whether you want it in the ass, or not.

I stood with my back to him, bent down and rested my hands against the table.

- Spread your legs a bit wider. - He began slide his cockhead over my crotch, sometimes touching the anus. - Does it disturbing you? I'm going to squeeze your halves, your hole will open up little by little, and you decide whether I'll fuck you or not, okay?

What he did was nice. What a hell!

- Come on, fuck me!

His cock drove in completely. There was no chance to break free – he was holding me tight and hard. 

He fucked me in different positions almost all night long...

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