The best night

I met Sergey 2 years ago. We met accidentally by the phone. First we talked about everything as friends. Every day 2-3 hours we were chatting on the phone. Then we met several times and each time we were looking into each other's eyes... Tenderly...

The first impression I had after our meeting - no one before held my hand that way! I was drawn to him like to a magnet, every day more and more. 

Then because of our problems we had an argue, I changed my phone number and thought I would never see him again. But apparently, fate prepared for us another surprise, we accidentally got on the phone, and last autumn we started dating. 

Sergey works till late, so waiting for him somewhere in the café is extremely difficult. He persuaded me to stay with him in a hotel room. In the evening his friend came to my working place and took me to the hotel. It was 11 PM, but he still was not there...

Finally I heard a knock at the door - it was my beloved. Tired but so happy! We hugged each other and were standing like that for about 15 minutes. Then one of us came up with the idea that it would be better though to sit down. 

We drank a glass of wine each and I let him go to the shower. I got very tired, and while he was in the shower, I fell asleep quickly. 

I was woken up by a gentle kiss on the neck, which made my skin shiver all over. I was surprised Sergey was naked lying next to me. I had no time to come to senses from sleep as he neatly drove in me from behind. 

With the words: "honey, what are you doing?", I tried to break free of his tenacious grip, but I felt I had no wish to escape. I melted like wax in his hands... 

His lips were descending lower on and on. He gently began kissing my pussy, and I was bending like arch from his kisses. I was moaning. It made him even more excited. He was watching me with such enjoyment. "How long have I waited for you! Finally I'm home. At home in your tender embrace!" – My Sergey was whispering. 

Then he deftly put me on top. Honestly, I'm not very fond of this position, but with him it was something incredible. He kissed me tenderly on the lips, whispering tender words... and then we both stood up and had sex in standing position. 

I was very excited with the way he was getting in me and taking me by the waist. I was dripping wet. He wanted me in all the positions. Probably, during the night we tried most of the Kama Sutra positions. My whole body was melting, I could not control myself any longer.

We went to the shower, having sex standing under the hot streams of water. How tenderly and passionately he was driving into me! Not slowing down, we both came. It was like electricity running all over my body. It were the tears of happiness in my eyes. 

We had non-stop sex for 4 hours. Fell asleep at 5 am, and at 7 am he left to work. After that night, we wanted each other more and more. He showed me what happiness is. And I care for him and appreciate him as well.

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