I want it!

My name is Catherine. I am 18 years old. Since 13 I’ve been keen on masturbating.

Each time I wanted more and more. At first I just touched, caressed and fingered my pussy. Then I tried to insert one finger into the vagina. I really hesitated on this because I was very scared to lose my virginity.

For a long time I satisfied myself with a finger. But later, this was no longer enough, and I tried to insert two, and later three fingers. I also tried to insert the handle of a round hairbrush (wrapped with plastic bag), but I didn’t like it...

Almost every night, in the bathroom, I put myself out under the running stream of water. Also, recently, I began to add fingers, thrusting them into the vagina and moving in there. Recently I have almost ceased to get pleasure from the fingers in the vagina and tried to insert one finger in anus and I liked to thrust it deeper and deeper on, though I didn’t like to take it out (not very pleasant).

I do want sex. I often watch porn movies and anime (hentai, yaoi and yuri)...

A few months ago I had a dream where I fucked my best girlfriend with my fingers and the tongue. It was very nice. After this incident I seriously thought about my sexuality and realized that I am not even against lesbianism, though the sex with men is better, at least, because you feel helpless and yet because only with a dick inside you can get the true and complete pleasure. 

I've often thought (though no – more wanted!) to fuck my girlfriend. In details I imagined us, and only that could already bring a pleasant feeling. I dream of being deflowered, but I want it to be done by an experienced man (I don't want him to put it in and cum right away, without having me satisfied).

The problem is that I'm a little overweight and I wear glasses. Also I'm not too communicative with guys, even in my group in college (or rather they do not communicate with me). And I'm too romantic, and I want to do it with a guy I’m in love with.

But this is the ideal situation. In principle, I agree that I’m fucked by anyone who doesn't gross me out, and who will not be disgusted with me. However, in this case, we do not need ever to meet again. And no one should know about it.

I really want sex! In detail I imagine it many times, and I'd like to try lots of things. For example, I would like to play in punishment (but not a very tough, though!). A guy would chain my hands to the bed with handcuffs and fuck me... Or I’d like a man to force me to do a blowjob... Or being coerced by two men...

I know I'm very anxious, but I have no one to share it with... Especially, the idea of lesbianism. I can't just approach a friend and ask her to get laid!.. Or ask my groupmate to take my virginity!..

I don't even know what to do... So I have to hide all this from my parents, my friends and from all the other people...

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