Foot fetish

Today I am wearing a flowing scarlet dress. I have no underwear... but this is not a main thing...

Look at my feet.

Open toe sandals with leather straps encircling my ankles. Neat toes, perfect pedicure of scarlet. You love my toes, watching them and kissing.

I always give you the pleasure of watching my beautiful feet and toes.

You ready for everything just to have the opportunity to look at my feet and kiss them. 

Inhale the scent of my shoes, lick my foot...

You are my slave, the slave of my feet. I can do anything to you and you agree to do everything.

- Today I have a good mood. Let's play pony game?

- Yes, my mistress.

You are on your all fours, I'm sitting on you astride. You're completely naked, I'm wearing a corset, lace panties and stockings with a belt and shoes with open toes...

Sitting on your back, I'm taking a collar and clasp it around your neck, now I can control my pony...

You're my pony and i'm taking a ride around the apartment, which brings me pleasure. Because every time you move, your back is in contact with my pussy and inflames her even better.

- Enough.

I sit down in the chair, you kiss my shoes, lick my toes and gently caressing them with your lips.

With your teeth you are taking off my shoes, smelling my feet, kissing my feet, hugging them, rubbing against them with your cheek.

You look like a little child with his toy and enjoying it...

It's funny but nice to me...

Let you go on undressing me. With your teeth you are taking off the stockings. Pull my garter belt, the  panties... I'm helping you with the corset and I am completely naked.

You are admiring my body because it's beautiful.

You love my natural smell and I never screw it up with chemical perfume.

Looking into your eyes I see love in them and it's flattering me.

You are kissing my nipples, touching them gently so that my body shivers with goose bumps...

Your fluttering kisses are running over my body and driving me crazy...

You go down to my flower and bring me to orgasm.

I'm caressing your body and enjoying it.

I kiss the nipples, the belly, go lower... making a blowjob...

You are pouring hot juice down my throat and I'm kissing your penis.

We love each other and everything around is wonderful.

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