I was a very ordinary guy studying, hanging out with friends and so on. I will tell you a few words about myself - blond, in the power of fashion I have quite long for a guy hair, slender, of medium height. I knew that I'm to the liking not only of the opposite sex. In public transport I'm often mistaken for a girl, but I am not annoyed - on the contrary, even have fun.

The boys in my studentgroup were divided into two companies. The first group of professional athletes. The second group - all the rest. I was in the second one, because those in the first company frankly didn't like me.

By the end of the second quarter, right before the new year there was a dancing party. It was pretty fun, but only up to a point - I had an arguewith an athlete about a girl. It was a strong, tall guy, and when he had me aside to "talk", I realized that the chances against him dropped to zero, however, I could not refuse going - it would mean I admitted my weakness.

Alex (that was his name) dragged me outside. It was cold, I was wearing only a light jacket, but it didn't seem to interest him at all. On the contrary to my expectations he did not want to beat me up, he pinned my hands behind my back and held them. He whispered to me, "Bitch, you stole my girl, so it means you will be a girl for me". Screaming was useless, as his two friends approached us, one of them tied my hands with a belt behind my back, then the feet. Two minutes later they are found a kind of sack and put it on my head. Then they took me somewhere.

5 minutes later we were at Alex' apartment. First they stripped me naked, then threw down on the cold floor. By that time I was shaking not only with cold but also with fear. I never wanted to have sex with a guy, especially have a groupsex, especially not against my own will. But that moment no choice was available – I had to do what they told me.

At first they made me blow them all in turn. They were cumming on my face trying to humiliate me. After that I was put in the doggy-style and being had in the ass. 

When all three of them had cum, they wanted new sensations. They took Alex' mom clothes and made me put it on. In the end I was wearing a skirt above the knees, stockings, heels and a top. One of the guys had put makeup on me, and he did it quite skillfully. They were calling me Kate then. In the mirror a gorgeous girl was looking at me.

I thought they would fuck me again, but they wanted to make fun of me in other way. Alex again tied my hands and led me back to the dancing party.

When we arrived, I could not confess that gorgeous girl was me, because it would have been a shame for the whole school community. In the end, dressed like a whore I was forced to dance with guys. Later Alex told me that if was not gonna kiss passionately with a guy, they'd hand me over to Caucasians for the night. Naturally, I chose the lesser of two evils. 

In the end, the next dance I danced with my best friend. Thank God he didn't recognize me! But the problem was not in that - immediately after the dance he was gonna kiss me. I couldn't refuse, and as he grabbed me, the kiss lasted about two minutes. After the kiss, I came up to Alex with a request to stop bullying and let me go. But he changed his mind again. This time I had to give a blowjob to someone.

Meanwhile, on the dancefloor there were only two guys left – a fat guy and a playboy. The girls hung on the neck of that playboy, but the prospect of doing blowjob to the fatso was disgusting and I decided to compete for the handsome guy. Although, I didn't have to fight for him - I just took him aside, knelt down, and then he got it what would be happening. 

However, after the blowjob he didn't calm down and began making me out. Since he was physically stronger I couldn't do anything, and Alex was sitting quietly, watching and giggling. Finally, the playboy was undressing me under the stairs until he found what the girl should not have had - a penis. With the cries "You, fucking fag!" he began kicking me. Taking the rope he tied me to the basement door and left me there that way. 

The dancing party was over. There was I, left humiliated and raped, and the watchman, who so far hadn't found me yet. I was planning to wait for tomorrow - I was hoping that Alex would untie me. But that was not going to happen - my rustling betrayed me to the watchman who found me. In the end, I was once again raped and made out as a monkey.

That's how I had spent the worst day of my life...

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