Sex with ex-girlfriend in a dream

I'd like to tell you about the dream I saw, where I was having sex with my ex-girlfriend. We parted about five months ago and, of course, I'm very sorry she found another guy.

Her name is Vika, she is nineteen. All the time we were dating, we never had sex.

So, about my dream.

I saw a dream, where I had come to Vika. There was no one else at her home, her parents were somewhere away. I got in and hid myself.

She went to bed being almost naked, wearing just a short translucent night gown or something like that. I came up and lay beside her.

She was trying to fight shy of me and telling me to get out and away, but I was persistently making passes at her for I was still in love.

In the dream her tits seemed to me smaller than they are indeed, there was almost nothing to hold.

First she was pushing and kicking me not letting touch her, but I was solid in my intentions.

And there came the moment when she melted and arched like a sweet kitty. That was awesome sex!

I was banging her at full swing. It was something incredible. We were having sex for long time. There came the longed for moment I shot my load in her.

It was the best sex in my life. In real life I have never had such orgasm like in this dream.

It’s such a pleasant feeling that I’ve been having this dream in mind already two days.

I want to see this dream again…

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