Still water runs deep

Hello, readers. The events described in this story really took place in my life. 

The desire of having sex appeared since the moment of my puberty and very well that is not gone. I’d love to have experiments, by the way. 

It was cold, the autumn of 2009. I still didn’t have a girlfriend. Yes, I was still a virgin in my 22! It was slightly embarrassing, but the service of prostitutes was too low for me. I came up with a thought that it would happen either in love (I still believe), or it would be something unusual, let’s say MWM (group sex, if that's easier to get). I placed the ad on a couple of websites of sexual topic. I was waiting for. I will not describe in details all of my correspondence, but one day I still agreed to meet a guy and we agreed in advance for jerking off only together watching porn. We assigned the place of meeting and exchanged the phone numbers.

On the day of the meeting I was very nervous. Early in the morning, an hour before the meeting I nearly changed my mind, but then got my courage and went there. I met him in a crowded place, who knows if he’s a maniac or something. We talked a little and went to the apartment he rented. We drank tea and talked on various topics. 

I purposely started the topic about porn films and spit out the idea to play it. Just a couple of minutes was enough to get a desire to caress ourselves. I offered to undress completely in different rooms and take a shower. It is difficult to convey the feeling that came over me when I was getting undressed in his bathroom, but in short: arousal, desire and trembling.

Naked we moved to the bedroom. Since he had a laptop with porn, we had set it at our feet on the bed. I first started to fondle my cock, of course, looking at the screen. Throwing a glance at my friend, let’s say his name is Slava (he asked me not mention his real name), he was wanking his wiener. 

I don’t know what had come over me at that moment, but I took his cock in my hand and began jerking him off, he did the same to me. It was superawesome! I had that twinkle of excitement and desire to learn new things. 

I offered him a mutual Blowjob. Neither of us tried before what we were having that time! He was the first to begin. He took my dick in his mouth and gently started progressive movements. His tongue was running over my cockhead delivering rather a pleasant sensation. It was nice, but with such rhythm I would not have cum. It lasted, maybe, a minute. Pulling back, he showed with his eyes that he wanted the same. 

I leaned over closer to his body... closer and closer, the excitement was growing. Here my lips are touching the cockhead, it was just a light kiss. Then I ran my tongue over his frenulum on the cockhead. With one hand caressing his balls I started stronger shoving my cock in his mouth. In and out. Alternating all that with caresses of the tongue. The sensations were quite new, not disgusting but not very pleasant.

Pulling back, we continued caressing each other's penises. I was the first to cum on his hand. He immediately shot the load onto my belly.

After taking a shower we drank tea, got dressed and just parted.

Millions of thoughts were swarming in my head when I came out of that apartment…

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