It was a warm Sunday of October evening. The clear sky was illuminated by the white moon. This evening Alex and his friend Vladimir were discussing urgent problems with a glass of beer. They had had a few glasses, then they went home, but a little before reaching the entrance Alex had his phone ringing: 

- Hello.

- Hello, Hello, what are you doing?

- I just walked Vladimir home.

- You're out?

- Yes.

- I'll be right out too.

It was a friend of Alex, Nadia, he has been in love with for several years. Her voice was a bit menacing, insistent, but no less enjoyable. A minute later she came out and walked over to Alex:

- Can you go to the store for me?

- Of course, I can, or you’ll be offended.

- I'm not usually offended, I’m upset in such cases.

Nadia gave him money and the keys to her apartment, saying "you’ll come to me then".

Alex went to the store and went to Nadia’s apartment. She was lying in front of a laptop and looking for something on the Internet. She had a tight top and shorts. The screen was showing a horror movie "Saw", but Alex was focused on the figure of Nadia. They exchanged a couple of phrases, and then Nadia asked him: 

- Give me a massage.

- Well, ok, just get away from the laptop.

Nadia took the massage oil from the shelf and turned off the light in the room. Alex noticed that he saw nothing, but there was much to look at.

Nadia took off everything except the panties, revealing her beautiful body, and lay down on her stomach. Alex took the cool and delicious-smelling oil and rubbed her back with it. 

His hands were gently smearing the oil and softly massaging her back, trying not to cause pain and to relax the muscles. With every movement he descended lower until he reached his target. With smooth movement the palm penetrated between the buttocks and felt the warmth of the private part.

Highly aroused Alex began stroking Nadia’s pussy through her panties, then pushing them aside he shoved one finger inside, then two and then three.

Nadia was lying with her eyes closed, sighing and moving her hips in time with his fingers. After a while Nadia rolled over on her back and Alex could not help but pressed his mouth to her flower, continuing to move his finger in the vagina. Feeling the touch of the tongue Nadia quietly moaned, began to fondle her breasts and moved her hips more frequently. Alex was running his tongue all over he could reach, then gently tracing along the lips, sucking and slightly biting them. 

A minute later Nadia broke away, pushed Alex on his back and with a sharp movement pulled off his pants. In the eyes of both the wild desire was shining and the thoughts were full of lust and passion.

Pulling the briefs off the fixed body, Nadia took Alex' cock in her hand and enthusiastically began to satisfy Alex playing with his cockhead by her tongue and the lips.

At some moment Alex felt such a pleasant sensation, that for some time he lost control of his mind sinking into himself. Alex came to his senses only when Nadia straddled him and they began a long-awaited coitus...

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