Husband, me and anal sex

We have been living together with my husband more than ten years. We don’t have much special varieties in sex. After listening to my colleagues, I convinced him to lick my pussy. I told him:

- I can’t live my life without knowing what it feels like.

For a long time he could not dare to touch it with his tongue. He circled about, but couldn’t touch it. He licked the inner side of my thighs, the belly, shoved his tongue in the belly-button. 

One day he grew bolder and began kissing my pubic area and then I abruptly raised my ass and he touched my pussy with his tongue. He had no way to go off and he licked her once, twice, and then began licking it over from the top. Then I carefully thrust my hands there and spread her, giving his tongue a chance to fall inside to the inner lips. 

A shiver swept through my body, I pressed his head to myself. Now he was already penetrating in the pussy deep with his tongue. My shaking intensified, and I was cumming. The orgasm was peculiar and just awesome. 

After that I took my hubby’s cock in my mouth and not allowing him to remove it I started sucking, licking it over and shoving it down to the throat, and then I felt he jerked and hot cum flowed down in my mouth. 

So I made my husband got used to that, but the idea to give him my ass gave me no peace. 

My husband wouldn't do it by all means. 

One day we came home from the birthday of his mother. He got pretty drunk there and started caressing me just as we came on the threshold of our home. 

He went to bed, and I quickly ran into the bathroom and smeared my asshole with vaseline around and inside. 

As soon as my husband put the cock into my pussy, I made so that it popped out. And as it had happened I took the cock and turned it in my ass instead of the pussy. 

The cockhead got in. My hubby as if didn’t notice the difference and drove it in there with all his force. He was fucking me in the backdoor without noticing it. 

I guess, the desire to be fucked in the ass followed me most likely for there is my erogenous zone there. Because after five minutes of fidgeting in my ass I was cumming. 

A cry of pleasure broke out from my mouth and immediately I felt my husband pressed to me with his whole body and began erupting sperm in my ass…

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