A story of Vera

This story is told to me by my friend Vera. She is already over thirty. And she is a dedicated lesbian, although she got married once. It happened to her immediately after the divorce with her husband. 

She fell in love with a girl. She also had sympathy to her. But friends are friends just until they appear in bed. Vera invited her home, set the table perfectly, a little of wine, snacks, sitting and talking, and in the evening the allusions to sex emerged.

By that time Vera was still not very experienced in lesbian love, and relied entirely on her new girlfriend. Her girlfriend was kissing and then slow undressing Vera. 

She laid Vera in bed and started licking her pussy. Vera was hit with wine and pleasure and she just got high with excitement, and when her girlfriend was already rubbing her body with her tits, she began sucking her nipples. 

But just as she was kissing her on the lips, Vera felt something sticking in her pussy. Vera had a thought her girlfriend strapped a dildo on trying to get inside. She reached out, automatically took it with her hand and shoved it in. Her girlfriend felt it was in and began fucking her. 

But with every movement Vera was realizing it was not a dildo, but quite a natural penis. Vera was horrified. But her girlfriend fucked her with a happy head so hard that Vera was getting closer to orgasm. She was getting more and more excited, and uttering a groan she came hugging her girlfriend with the legs, pressing her to the pussy. 

After a while the girlfriend turned Vera over, put her on her fours and began shoving the cock into her ass. Vera was overcoming the pain, relaxing and letting that hammer go in. A moment later, the girlfriend was already fucking Vera in her ass. She pressed against her and shooting cum. 

Vera just got perplexed. Such a beautiful girl, with such a great ass and tits, and instead of a pussy ther was that huge cock. 

After that night they broke up.

Vera couldn’t tolerate such ugliness. Not a man and not a woman, that immeasurable penis, hanging balls and the breasts of a good size formed a terrible and disgusting picture.

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